Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The meltdown before the half

I had a four day weekend, and I did so much stuff I cannot even begin to recap it for y'all.

So instead I will just show you this adorable picture of my niece and I. Even with a dirty face she is pretty stinkin' cute.

As far as my running and that whole half marathon thing goes, I had an 8 mile run on Friday. I went to Lake Zorinsky for it and I actually really enjoyed it. I think I was a little high. I was just so relaxed...I took the time to look around at the scenery, the lake, the people...I just enjoyed my run. I know, right? What? Runs are not fun. But this one kinda was. And get this...my pace was so much better than usual. Except for my last half mile, where I decided to try to actually crawl into the lake and I got a little distracted with selfies.

On Saturday I ran two miles with my sister, which was fun - I have never ran with anyone before. I had family jazz going on all day Saturday so when I got home I just showered and went to bed. And that was the point where my anxiety took over and I had nightmares about the half all night long.

I dreamt I got lost on the drive down there. I dreamt they couldn't find my registration and they wouldn't let me run. I dreamt I got lost on the course. I dreamt the race never ended and I just kept running and running and running....

I didn't run on Sunday, but my nightmares stayed with me all day. Yesterday I ran seven miles, and it went really well, so hopefully my sleep-induced fears have subsided and I will be fine.


  1. Your Friday run experience - PERFECT! Remember that pep talk I gave you a few weeks ago? That experience is exactly what will happen again during your half. Let yourself go there. Let go of the fears. YAY JEN!

  2. I've got that pep talk screenshotted (is that a word?) on my phone...I will be reading it before starting Saturday morning.