Friday, April 11, 2014

The half before the half

Guess what I had to run today?

13 mother loving miles. 

When I first decided a half was my goal, I didn't spend a lot of time looking at training plans. Hannah told me that the Nike app had a new "coach" feature that allowed you to pick your experience level (I obviously picked the most beginner one I could) and when your race was and it will tell you what to do. I like to be told exactly what to do, so I was sold. 

This bitch of an app has already had me run 10, 11 and 12 miles. Today was 13. 

Now that I've had time to look at other plans, I see that hardly any of them actually have you run 13 before race day. 

Fucking Nike. 

But I did it and it's done. Now next week is my taper week, and the next week is RACE WEEK. 

All week I have been nervous about this run. My 12 mile run last week hurt, but it wasn't terrible. I was sore for a few hours after and I iced my knees that night, but I felt good the next day. I even ran a short distance. I was nervous about doing 13...a half...because if it went well, I felt like I would be over confident about the actual half on the 26th.

Well, I don't need to worry about that.  

Today's run fucking sucked. It just sucked.

During my runs, I have a few mantras that I repeat to keep myself going. 

"Just keep moving."
"Get out of your head."

Today, I added one more. 

"Fountain soda."

Yep. I had to bribe myself with a fountain soda to finish this bitch. 

So after my run (and after I pretty much laid on the concrete next to my car trying to stretch before sitting down to drive) I stopped at Casey's (duh) to get my fountain soda treat. 

Standing at the soda machine, I got that familiar feeling. I was gonna pass out. I bolted into the bathroom, wetted some paper towels...and laid down on the floor. 

Yep. That's how I roll when I think I'm gonna pass out. 

I managed to collect myself, pay for my treats (I also got a chocolate milk) and drive home. didn't go well, and I felt like complete shit afterwards. 

But it's done. And now, 90 minutes later, I have a runner's high. 

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