Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just a small town girl

Let me tell you a not so hidden secret...

I want to live in Glenwood at some point in my life.

I just freaking love it.

I have been thinking this more lately. Omaha is seriously a scary place to live. I love so many things about it, but I am scared a lot of the times, too.

  • The great purse theft at Lake Zorinsky. That would not have happened in the wood.
  • There are now a slew of break ins at my stupid gym. 
  • There was a homeless man living in my laundry room last summer.
  • My neighbor's truck got stolen out of my parking lot last winter.
  • There are at least two women in Omaha who would put a cap in my ass if given the chance.
The other day when I was on the back of my dad's motorcycle (I am so cool), after I got over my initial fear and was able to loosen my grip on Dad's back, I spent time just looking around Glenwood. I love it.

If I ever have kids, that's where they are growing up. 

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