Sunday, April 27, 2014

13.1 inspirations

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. I finished something that I set my mind on, and it was overwhelming and unbelievable that I actually did it. So many things and people inspired me during this journey, so I wanted to write out my list while everything is in my mind. And I promise this is the last entry I will write about this half marathon.

1. Nick, Hannah and I have gone through this whole journey together, from barely running to running 5Ks to now the half. Hannah did one last year, and they are both running the half in Lincoln next weekend. We have suffered through this together, celebrated good runs together, and moaned about aching muscles together.
2. My friends Jordan and Amy have been huge inspirations during this entire thing. Jordan has sent many inspiring texts and facebook messages, and Amy has been checking in on me constantly to see how training is going and how I was feeling. I am so happy to have these two fitness role models in my life.
3. My brothers and sisters have been greatly supportive, and the best thing was Amanda decided to go with me because she didn't think anyone should experience a half without support at the start and finish line. She was right. I'm so glad she was there.
4. My parents (all three of them) have been enormously concerned and worried about me through this whole thing. And of course, my dad driving to Olathe to watch me start and finish was the best surprise I have ever gotten. I've never done an athletic type event that required the attention of my parents, and it was an unbelievable feeling!
5. Missy and Katie, of course, have been great through this whole thing, especially since they both have had to deal with me only talking about running, complaining about running, not drinking because I was running, etc.
6. My Aunt Juana has been checking in from afar, and constantly reminding me how proud she was of me and how far I have come.
7. My coworker Rachel is also running the Lincoln half, so we have been going through this turmoil together. It was so nice to have someone with me four days a week who completely understood what I was going through and how much it sucks to schedule runs around 12 hour work days.
8. The Wizard of Oz, of course! I knew I wanted to do a half marathon, and I knew I wanted to only do one. So I had to make it one that would mean something to me, and of course you all know that movie is near and dear to my heart. And at times during the run when things sucked so bad, I have to admit I started playing the movie in my head (I tend to do that when I am nervous).
9. Leslie, one of my oldest and dearest friends, has been a constant inspiration to me. And literally as I was typing this she called to check in on me. She is training for an IronMan competition in Tennessee later this year, so you biggie.
10. So many of my friends checked in on me via text and via Facebook the days and hours leading up into the race...I loved it. Their feedback and encouraging words gave me so much ummph to keep going!
11. Former non-runner-bigger-Jen who never believed she could do this. I don't like talking about myself in the third person...moving on...
12. Mother Nature, for giving me a pretty good test. My first half I had to run through freezing cold rain and a thunder storm. Thanks for knowing I could do crazy bitch.
13. Anyone who sent me texts/emails giving me things to think about during the run...loved it. And it worked.
.1. Anyone who didn't think I could do this, or assumed I would never do it, or lectured me about how running is actually really bad for you...suck my medal. Actually don't, I don't want it in your mouth.