Friday, March 21, 2014

That time my purse got stolen

YOU GUYS. Today I had a ten mile run to do, so I tied up my tennies and headed to Lake Zorinsky, my favorite place to run distance.

Did you like how I tried to sound like a runner there? I run distance.

Anyway, I had this fantastic plan in my head that I was going to run my ten miles, then stop at Casey's for a treat and then come home, shower and go meet the girls for some March Madness. It was the perfect plan. I was actually excited to get the running part over so I could get to the beer part.

I ran and ran and ran. And besides a minor episode where I was sure I was going to poop my pants, and the fact that the wind was HORRIBLE, it wasn't a terrible time. Anyway, then I drove to Casey's to get my treat...and I realized my FUCKING BEAUTIFUL purse was gone.

The next few hours just plain sucked. I searched every inch of my car, cause let's get real, I'm known to lose things. I came home and searched my apartment, in case I had forgotten it all together. Then I accepted the fact that it was stolen, and made all the calls necessary to cancel my accounts.

Those thieving mother fuckers moved fast. They had already been to several stores. Luckily I got everything cancelled and I think I am in okay shape as far as that goes. Then I had to get my apartment rekeyed, since they have my address and my keys. I will have to worry about a new ID and a new SS card next week.


So I have come to a few conclusions....

1. I am so naive when it comes to my own safety. I leave my purse in my car all the time. I leave my apartment door unlocked sometimes, when I'm out running or when I'm expecting a hot piece of ass to come join me in the middle of the night.
2. I am rethinking my love of expensive purses. My purse alone was over $200, and my wallet inside was also Coach. To be completely honest, I know I can cancel and get reissued credit cards, but I am so sad I don't have that purse anymore.
3. I am seriously considering just carrying a wallet like a man. But I have well over $1500 worth of purses handing in my closet so...I just don't know.

But at least Creighton won today. I'm a happy Jaysker!

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