Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just give me a scholarship, yo.

Part of my job includes interviewing prospective students to determine if they should receive an academic scholarship. If you know me at all, you know I love asking people questions, so I jumped at the chance to do this. But even if I didn't, I would be doing it anyway...that's the deal when your best friend is the Director of Admissions.

Anyway, as I ask the students these questions, I always think of how I would answer if I was put on the spot like that. For the most part, our student candidates are smart and come up with their responses right away. They are, by far, more diligent and thoughtful than I am. Since I love to challenge myself, here are the questions and how I would probably answer them if I were put on the spot:

Where is your hometown and how are you a product of that environment?
Uhhh, I'm from Glenwood. Which is a small, quaint little town. I love it. While most people in my class drank and partied and had sex on the weekends, I, for some reason, did not. I was really prude. Ask my high school boyfriend. I think since I was so lame during high school, I went a little overboard in college and barely graduated. Don't worry, I've grown up since then.

What community service project would you want to work on and why?
 I would organize a 5K where the finish line has a huge beer garden and live music, and I would donate all the money raised to the Nebraska Medical Center so they could help people who can't afford their medical bills. But the money can only go to good, hardworking people, with insurance, who just got a bum deal and are in over their head with the medical bills.

What does success mean to you and what did you learn from a time when you weren't successful?
To me, success means being happy. A lot of people look at my lifestyle and think I'm a hot mess...33, single, no kids, I just started yet another job...little do they know, I am completely happy, and I consider myself very successful. Well, I will be once I get a few credit cards paid off.

A time I wasn't successful...well, going back to almost failing out of college...I don't know what my deal was, but my senior year of college I just could not be bothered with classes. So I didn't go. And I almost failed. It was like a down to the last second am I going to graduate or not type thing. It was terrible. I learned my lesson, I will never be that irresponsible ever again. When I went back to get my masters degree, I had a 4.0 at graduation.

What qualities and attributes will you contribute to our community?
I am kinda hilarious, and creative and I am really good at Super Mario Brothers. Any of them. One through three. Bring it on. 

What personal traits would you like to build upon in the next four years?
Oh goodness. What do I want to work on? Well, I want to lose ten pounds. I always want to lose ten pounds. I also want another Coach purse. I want to be more financially responsible, though, too, so I guess I won't buy a new purse.

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