Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm not going to talk about running in this entry...

I'm going to talk about weight loss.

JFK. (Just fucking kidding.)

I get sick of hearing myself talk about this crap, so I can only imagine how people (and readers) feel.

So instead I'm going to tell you all of the things that I'm obsessed with right now:
  • SO MANY TV SHOWS. I am obsessed with Dallas, Bates Motel, The Blacklist, Pretty Little Liars, Resurrection, Revenge, The Mentalist. There isn't enough time for all the tv.
  • Pistachios. Can't stop eating them.
  • Jeans. I've been wearing jeans all week because students are on spring break. I don't know how I am going to be able to switch back to work clothes next week.
  • Miley Cyrus. Her songs are the jam.
  • Speaking of songs...Let It Go from Frozen mayyyyyyy be my pre-work jam every. single. morning.
  • Doug McDermott. He brings out my inner cougar.
  • Scruffy faces. SO HOT. Example:


  1. So I just discovered your blog, and I have to say...I think I love you. I've read a few of your posts now and have been sitting here at work trying not to literally LOL so people will think I'm actually working. This is now officially the first blog I "follow".

  2. Thanks, I needed to read this today. I think I love you, too.