Thursday, February 13, 2014

You are beautiful.

This morning on my way to work I was listening to U2's With or Without You. I started thinking about things way too much, and before I knew it I had myself in a pretty serious little funk. I started feeling like people could just easily forget about me, or throw me in the past pile without a second thought. What is wrong with me anyway? I don't get it.

Not a good feeling.

Especially for 730 in the morning.

Honestly, I don't feel this way very often. It just must have been where I'm at in life right now, along with that song, that tipped me over into a deep abyss of self pity and loathing.

I was at about 206th and Q at this point, and a sign off the the right of the road caught my eye. A rectangular white sign with big black words. "You are beautiful."

I wondered if that was there yesterday. I don't remember seeing it. Why would someone go to this random site and put up this random sign? Someone had to have parked on the side of that isolated road and carefully hammer their words into the ground.

That sign was exactly what I needed to see. I AM beautiful. I am fun, and exciting, and creative and loyal. I know that I am a good person and a good friend. I love a lot of people and I try to show them that every day. I care and I listen. I love deeply and with my whole heart.

And if you don't agree, you can suck it.

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