Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moments that make me purr

Yuck. I'm not a cat, and although I go through periods where I think I want one, let's get real...I don't enjoy animals for the most part.

However, I do love any moment that makes me as content as a kitty laying in the sunshine and taking a comfortable snooze. And those moments are...

  • Waking up all warm and cuddly in your bed, glancing at the clock and seeing it's still in the middle of the night and you have hours to sleep.
  • Hearing his ringtone.
  • Finding the perfect temp in the shower.
  • Not realizing your show is back to showing new episodes until you look at your DVR.
  • New socks.
  • New running shoes.
  • Coming home to a crockpot full of yummies.
  • When the cafeteria has rice kripsie treats.
  • Being the first person in the movie theater.
  • When I walk into Casey's and they have popcorn chicken.
  • The first drink of a fountain soda with crushed ice.
  • When any of my kiddos run up and wrap their arms around my legs in a little bear hug.
  • Leaving work on your last day of the week, knowing you have a full weekend ahead of you.
  • Red carpet coverage.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on new socks! I think you forgot the smell of the grill at the parents house. Heaven.