Thursday, February 27, 2014


Well hello there.

I needed a break. But I'm back.

Here's what you missed:

  • Half marathon training is killing me. I am exhausted all the time. My legs hurt all the time. I live for rest days. I have an eight mile run on the schedule for tomorrow and I want to cry. I also am now concerned with every bite of everything I put into my body, because I feel like I need fuel for theese ridiculous miles I am running. But I did eat a grilled cheese yesterday, so you know. Moderation and stuff. 
  • My cousin Jamie was in the hospital for a week because of congestive heart failure. Or something like that. I ain't up on medical terminology, but I know it's bad. She is out of the hospital now and on some pretty serious medication, and has been given strict orders on how to live the rest of her life. Here's a clue, people...drugs are bad. Just say no.
  • I have a four day weekend coming up and I'm STOKED. I am going to sleep A LOT.
  • The Oscars are Sunday. BOOM.
  • Miley Cyrus is one week from today. BOOM.
  • My mother is not speaking to me. I tell you what, it puts you in a hell of a place in life when your own mother doesn't even want to talk to you. #mommyissues
  • I am on Season 4 of binge watching Dawson's Creek. Dawson really turns into quite a bitch, doesn't he? I have forgotten so much about this show. But I am also anxious to be done so I can get my life back. 
  • I bought a Jawbone Up wristband activity tracker thingy. It does a lot of things, but one of them is counting how many steps I take in a day. Do you know how hard it is to hit 10,000 steps on a rest day? I am determined to hit that every day, but sometimes it means I am walking laps in my (very small) apartment.
That's all. Let's see how consistent I can be with this whole blogging thing again. 


  1. I always thought Dawson was pretty whiny. I was Team Pacey 90 percent of the time.

  2. i don't even keep up with most of my family cause I don't do drugs/sell drugs. I did wish my brother a merry Christmas and I was told my cousin's baby momma died a few days before chistmas at the ripe old age of 37 (I asked why and he said drugs). most people don't crock at the age of 37. I feel bad for the kids (that my cousin lost and they live with the maternal grandma).
    I don't remember much of dawsons creek. ive been binge watching big bang theory