Monday, January 20, 2014


A lack of creativity this morning leads me to a weekend review post. Sorry.

Friday - I slept in a tiny bit, then went to see Allison. I love going to see my mentee, who is a ninth grader this year, but I have to admit something - everytime I talk to her I am so scared I am screwing her up. I tend to overthink every social interaction I have, but this is on a different level. I try not to rag on her to much, and rather than tell her not to do something, I make her pinky swear with me that she won't do things that are too terrible. I want to stay on a "friend" level so she continues to tell me things (so that way when shit gets real I can intervene) but I know she is at that age where things can get crazy and I want to give her sound advice.

That being said - there's no way I could be a parent. I would be convinced daily I am messing my kids up.

After Ali, I went home and relaxed for awhile, and then I went to see Dallas Buyers Club. Yes, by myself. I love love LOVE going to movies by myself.

After that, I truly just sat around and did nothing. I was so sore from my last few workouts that I needed a rest day, and I took it. And it was awesome.

Saturday - I got up early and went into work for awhile, to interview students for Scholarship Days. After that I hooked up with Missy and we went to see The Wolf of Wall Street, and then we had dinner, and then we went to August: Osage County. Lots of movies to see before March 2nd! Love it! then I went home and watched the SAG Awards.

P.S. I also didn't work out this day. I just didn't want to.

Sunday - I woke up and reported my weight in to Zach. Yes, I decided to do it. I figured he knows I used to be much fatter, so whatever. All these boys I have been friends with forever have seen me at my worst, so whatever. One thing is for sure - this is going to hold me SUPER accountable. I don't want to have to tell him if I gain. We are also reporting workouts to each other too. Holy balls, he is more demanding than my personal trainer was!

After that, I went to see Frozen with Miss, and I LOVED it. However, I was 45 minutes early to the movie (my binge theatre experiences may have cause my brain to mix up movie times) so I got to go to a coffee shop and just sit for awhile. That was nice. After the movie, I went to Glenwood to see my nieces and talk with my sister and parents, and then I went to Mom's for dinner. I also got to stop and see Mama Jan, which is always nice.

Nice little weekend! Now I've got to get through the work week so I can see more movies next weekend!

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