Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transparent Tuesday

I saw this on another blog today. Basically, everyone who writes a blog (or uses twitter, or facebook, or instagram)...I mean, let's get real. They paint a pretty picture of themselves and their lives. Everyone is super happy, and super in love, and just plain super. So the purpose of  Transparent Tuesday is to let you into my real life, just for one day.

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014:

I woke up approximently five times between 530a and 645a when my alarm finally went off. My alarm is Nikki Minage. Don't judge. I love her.

I know at some point in my life I'm going to have to do something real with my hair, but for now I just spray some water on it, crunch it up, and then spray gel on it. Pull my bangs back. That's enough. Maybe I will straighten it tonight.

I haven't pooped in two days, so I popped some pills to fix that. Hopefully. Sometimes these pills have the reverse effect on me.

It's fucking freezing, so I put on my heavy running socks and my knock-off Ugg type boots that were 1/5 the price of real Uggs. I wrap a scarf around my head and leave. I have to get into a freezing cold car, because I can't warm my car up before I leave. Because I live in the ghetto.

I get to work and eat a fiber bar. Yes. Trying anything to knock the poop out of me.

Meetings from 9a-1130a. I have to be honest, I was on my laptop for the first hour and I didn't pay a lick of attention. Hopefully my boss isn't reading this. Also, they had donuts at the 10a one. DONUTS. DO.NUTS. Do you know the willpower it took not to eat one?

Lunch with Nick and the girls in my office after that. I love baked potato days. And I ate a salad. And I had a small piece of cake for dessert. (It was medium sized.) (Dude, it had PUDDING in the middle of it, did you really expect me to say no to that?)

Spend 130p-3p in meetings. I tried to pay a little more attention this time. Was offered a bag of M&Ms. Seriously?

Left work at 3p to go to the doctor. The girlie doctor. Yes, I haven't pooed and my stomach is starting to work against me, and now I'm going to go get violated by a short male. Awesome.

Told by my doctor that, no matter what I believe, I still can get pregnant so I need to stay on the pill. Bastard.

Get home. Workout in my living room for 60 minutes because it's too damn cold to go back outside.

I'm so not straightening my hair tonight. 

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