Friday, January 31, 2014

Panic dreams

The other night, Seth Meyers was on Jimmy Fallon talking about how he has "panic dreams" about previous jobs he constantly has dreams about. I have never heard them described this way, I have always thought of them as recurring nightmares. But panic dreams is for sure the best way to describe these types of dreams, and I seem to have a lot of them.

  • My worst panic dream is actually probably a nightmare. It started when my brother went overseas, but I still have it even though he is happily engaged living in Glenwood. In the dream, I am trapped in my apartment because I am surrounded by a warzone. I am hiding in my room listening to all the gunfire, knowing I can't leave and not knowing when it will end. I hear footsteps near my front door and it's the most terrifying thing. 
  • I have mentioned this one before, but I constantly have dreams that it if finals week at BVU and I have either forgotten about a class entirely and not gone all semester or I am just absolutely not prepared for the final. The latter excuse actually happened several times at BV, let's get real, but I always knew what classes I was in. To be more specific, it's always a Science class I have forgotten about and I think it's because I hated the Science center at BV and tried to avoid ever going in there.
  • For some reason, I have a reoccuring panic dream about Kaimans, the adorable little grocery store I worked at in Glenwood all through high school. When I worked there, our schedules were always taped up behind one register and it was our responsibility to grab it. There really was no rhyme or reason to the scheduling, and when I first started I was one of the youngest people working there and a grade below everyone else, so I tended to have to work the shitty shifts. In this dream, I don't have my schedule because my step-mom grabbed it for me while she was shopping, but for some reason I never got it so I had no idea when I was working and Harold was calling me to get me in there and I had to go in but I wasn't prepared and had other things to do. 

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