Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My crib

The other day, my lovely, always thoughtful friend Nick came to my office to go to lunch with me.

"Look at Rachel's desk, it's so neat and organized," he said.
"Yeah, she's good stuff," I said. I looked at my desk in comparison. It's not messy by any means, but definitely not as organized as Rach's. I looked at Nick, who was staring at my desk in disgust.

I truly don't think I'm a messy person. So I'm throwing this out to my blog-o-sphere. What can you tell about a person from their workspace?

 When you walk in my office, this is what you see. Yes, a little sloppy. I prefer the term "welcoming" or "busy".

This is the view when I'm sitting. Yes, my hand sanitizer is still decorated for Christmas. I'm not positive why I haven't taken that off yet.

Side view. My office building used to be a gym. The dance team still works out on the old gym floor several days a week, which is distracting to say the least, but it is some pretty good music. I wish they would make up a dance to "Let it Go" from Frozen.

So I really don't think I am that messy, despite Nick's judgement. Maybe I will sneak over to his office and take pics for all of your enjoyment. But for now, here is a pic of the desk I was compared to:

He may have a point.

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