Monday, January 27, 2014

Mean people

I'm not really sure who reads this blog. So if you read it, could you tell me, please? Send me an anonymous text or something.

Today I realized that some of my blogs aren't showing up on my feed that I usually use. Like, kind of a lot of them. So I googled the name of their blog to see if they just aren't writing anymore, or if I somehow broke my blog feed.

I found HORRIBLE things written about the girls who write my favorite blogs. So, of course, I got super nervous and googled myself. There are about 849184980737288.4 Jen Wilson's in the world, and even my blog name brings up a billion fashion and beauty sites. So I didn't find anything negative about my blog in particular, but I know you haters are out there.

The things these people say - it's like they just sit and wait for the girls to write an entry, or post an instagram, just so they can run to the internet and make fun of it. It's terrible. It's so sad that women tear into each other like this - we all have the same struggles, we all fight the same battles. If someone is brave enough to write about their personal struggles, than why do some people (fellow women)find it necessary to destroy them? And the better question is, what kind of lonely, sad lives to these horrible haters have? Get a life, and maybe then you'll want to blog about it, asshole. 

I know that I don't always represent myself well on this blog, but here's the deal - it's so honest. I'm so raw on this thing. I don't sugarcoat or lie about anything. Am I too mean sometimes? Probably. Too blunt, or gross? For sure. But it's Jen Wilson, baby, and that's that.

I really hope if you are reading this blog, you aren't just here because you want to see me fail, or you hate me, or you love to make fun of me behind my back. I hope you are here because either 1. you like me, or 2. we have something in common that makes you want to see my stories. And if you're saying mean things behind my back, then I don't really like you.


  1. I know what web site you're talking about (I think), and agree it's terrible. I try to stay away from there.

    And I read your blog all the time ... even if I don't always comment.

  2. I always read! We may have been sisters in former life...and also cynical bastards in the current life :-)

  3. I always read both of your blogs as well! And Jen...yes. We are for sure soul sisters of some sort.