Friday, January 31, 2014

Panic dreams

The other night, Seth Meyers was on Jimmy Fallon talking about how he has "panic dreams" about previous jobs he constantly has dreams about. I have never heard them described this way, I have always thought of them as recurring nightmares. But panic dreams is for sure the best way to describe these types of dreams, and I seem to have a lot of them.

  • My worst panic dream is actually probably a nightmare. It started when my brother went overseas, but I still have it even though he is happily engaged living in Glenwood. In the dream, I am trapped in my apartment because I am surrounded by a warzone. I am hiding in my room listening to all the gunfire, knowing I can't leave and not knowing when it will end. I hear footsteps near my front door and it's the most terrifying thing. 
  • I have mentioned this one before, but I constantly have dreams that it if finals week at BVU and I have either forgotten about a class entirely and not gone all semester or I am just absolutely not prepared for the final. The latter excuse actually happened several times at BV, let's get real, but I always knew what classes I was in. To be more specific, it's always a Science class I have forgotten about and I think it's because I hated the Science center at BV and tried to avoid ever going in there.
  • For some reason, I have a reoccuring panic dream about Kaimans, the adorable little grocery store I worked at in Glenwood all through high school. When I worked there, our schedules were always taped up behind one register and it was our responsibility to grab it. There really was no rhyme or reason to the scheduling, and when I first started I was one of the youngest people working there and a grade below everyone else, so I tended to have to work the shitty shifts. In this dream, I don't have my schedule because my step-mom grabbed it for me while she was shopping, but for some reason I never got it so I had no idea when I was working and Harold was calling me to get me in there and I had to go in but I wasn't prepared and had other things to do. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Transparent Tuesday

I think I will treat you all to another Transparent Tuesday blog. AND this is my second published entry today. Lucky you! I guess it's because I got so many nice comments via email, Facebook and texts last night after my Mean People entry ran. Y'all like me, you really like me!

Anyway, this particular Transparent Tuesday started like most of my days do, where I can't believe my night of sleep is already over and I look longingly at my bed as I make it, wishing I could climb back in and vowing to go to bed earlier tonight. 

I'm not going to bore you with the details of my Tuesday, so here are the things I have to admit to make this entry transparent-y. 

  • I didn't work out last night, and I didn't today either. That means I have to work out every single day this week to hit Mr. Basye's workout plan of five days a week. Suck. Fest. 
  • I have a huge zit breaking out on my forehead, where I have never had one before and I am fairly certain my entire head is going to explode. 
  • I teared up at the movie Missy and I went to see tonight (Nebraska) because a guy was really super nice to his dad. 
  • YOU GUYS. I seriously have SO MANY GRAY HAIRS. I am having a nervous breakdown about this. Take a look for yourself. I hate this so much. 

My crib

The other day, my lovely, always thoughtful friend Nick came to my office to go to lunch with me.

"Look at Rachel's desk, it's so neat and organized," he said.
"Yeah, she's good stuff," I said. I looked at my desk in comparison. It's not messy by any means, but definitely not as organized as Rach's. I looked at Nick, who was staring at my desk in disgust.

I truly don't think I'm a messy person. So I'm throwing this out to my blog-o-sphere. What can you tell about a person from their workspace?

 When you walk in my office, this is what you see. Yes, a little sloppy. I prefer the term "welcoming" or "busy".

This is the view when I'm sitting. Yes, my hand sanitizer is still decorated for Christmas. I'm not positive why I haven't taken that off yet.

Side view. My office building used to be a gym. The dance team still works out on the old gym floor several days a week, which is distracting to say the least, but it is some pretty good music. I wish they would make up a dance to "Let it Go" from Frozen.

So I really don't think I am that messy, despite Nick's judgement. Maybe I will sneak over to his office and take pics for all of your enjoyment. But for now, here is a pic of the desk I was compared to:

He may have a point.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mean people

I'm not really sure who reads this blog. So if you read it, could you tell me, please? Send me an anonymous text or something.

Today I realized that some of my blogs aren't showing up on my feed that I usually use. Like, kind of a lot of them. So I googled the name of their blog to see if they just aren't writing anymore, or if I somehow broke my blog feed.

I found HORRIBLE things written about the girls who write my favorite blogs. So, of course, I got super nervous and googled myself. There are about 849184980737288.4 Jen Wilson's in the world, and even my blog name brings up a billion fashion and beauty sites. So I didn't find anything negative about my blog in particular, but I know you haters are out there.

The things these people say - it's like they just sit and wait for the girls to write an entry, or post an instagram, just so they can run to the internet and make fun of it. It's terrible. It's so sad that women tear into each other like this - we all have the same struggles, we all fight the same battles. If someone is brave enough to write about their personal struggles, than why do some people (fellow women)find it necessary to destroy them? And the better question is, what kind of lonely, sad lives to these horrible haters have? Get a life, and maybe then you'll want to blog about it, asshole. 

I know that I don't always represent myself well on this blog, but here's the deal - it's so honest. I'm so raw on this thing. I don't sugarcoat or lie about anything. Am I too mean sometimes? Probably. Too blunt, or gross? For sure. But it's Jen Wilson, baby, and that's that.

I really hope if you are reading this blog, you aren't just here because you want to see me fail, or you hate me, or you love to make fun of me behind my back. I hope you are here because either 1. you like me, or 2. we have something in common that makes you want to see my stories. And if you're saying mean things behind my back, then I don't really like you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The one who got away?

Sometimes I get weird ideas in my head about people, and my relationships with people, and if I was supposed to do something different with people at a certain time in my life.

Like the time I made out with that one guy just once, but in the middle of the make out I ran out of the room and went and crawled into bed with Nick. Why did I do that?

Or the time I hooked up with a guy outside of a bar, but stopped the hook up abruptly and ran to find my friend Leanna.

Okay, so maybe I just question my weird encounters with guys.

The other night I was Facebook stalking a past flame. And his current girlfriend. Who has a ridiculous name that I hate for other reasons, too. The stalking got me thinking too much, and then I was consumed with it, so I did what any normal girl would do. I started playing "our" songs and tried to figure out why I ever let such a gem go.

This got me started on a long, horrible road of remembering past relationships and trying to figure out what I keep doing wrong that has led me to where I'm at...33 and single, without even a glimpse of hope that I will someday get married and have kids.

There was one guy, a very long time ago...his name was Joe. No wait. I don't remember what his name was. But we'll call him Joe.

Joe liked me. It was a summer thing. He and I worked together, and for some reason, he was into me. He was really cute and we had a cute, flirty, innocent relationship for those three months.

Let me say this again. He was REALLY cute. And the other girls we worked with seemed to be jealous that he was into me, which made him even cuter. And he was hilarious, and he would call me out on my bullshit in a way that made me want to bullshit with him even more.

Finally, on my last day of work before I headed back to BV for the next school year, Joe asked me out. I gave him my number and told him to call me later that night.

I ended up hanging out with my brother and my (his) friends that night, and I didn't want to deal with the drama of bringing a new guy into the group, so I just didn't answer the phone when he called. I wanted to hang out with him, but it was my last night of hanging out with my friends and I wanted to see them, too.

When I got home that night (or the next morning, more than likely) my mom had written a message for me. "Joe called. He said it was really nice to meet you and he wishes he had gotten a chance to know you better."

And that was it. No more Joe. Never saw him again.

Wah wah.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transparent Tuesday

I saw this on another blog today. Basically, everyone who writes a blog (or uses twitter, or facebook, or instagram)...I mean, let's get real. They paint a pretty picture of themselves and their lives. Everyone is super happy, and super in love, and just plain super. So the purpose of  Transparent Tuesday is to let you into my real life, just for one day.

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014:

I woke up approximently five times between 530a and 645a when my alarm finally went off. My alarm is Nikki Minage. Don't judge. I love her.

I know at some point in my life I'm going to have to do something real with my hair, but for now I just spray some water on it, crunch it up, and then spray gel on it. Pull my bangs back. That's enough. Maybe I will straighten it tonight.

I haven't pooped in two days, so I popped some pills to fix that. Hopefully. Sometimes these pills have the reverse effect on me.

It's fucking freezing, so I put on my heavy running socks and my knock-off Ugg type boots that were 1/5 the price of real Uggs. I wrap a scarf around my head and leave. I have to get into a freezing cold car, because I can't warm my car up before I leave. Because I live in the ghetto.

I get to work and eat a fiber bar. Yes. Trying anything to knock the poop out of me.

Meetings from 9a-1130a. I have to be honest, I was on my laptop for the first hour and I didn't pay a lick of attention. Hopefully my boss isn't reading this. Also, they had donuts at the 10a one. DONUTS. DO.NUTS. Do you know the willpower it took not to eat one?

Lunch with Nick and the girls in my office after that. I love baked potato days. And I ate a salad. And I had a small piece of cake for dessert. (It was medium sized.) (Dude, it had PUDDING in the middle of it, did you really expect me to say no to that?)

Spend 130p-3p in meetings. I tried to pay a little more attention this time. Was offered a bag of M&Ms. Seriously?

Left work at 3p to go to the doctor. The girlie doctor. Yes, I haven't pooed and my stomach is starting to work against me, and now I'm going to go get violated by a short male. Awesome.

Told by my doctor that, no matter what I believe, I still can get pregnant so I need to stay on the pill. Bastard.

Get home. Workout in my living room for 60 minutes because it's too damn cold to go back outside.

I'm so not straightening my hair tonight. 

Monday, January 20, 2014


A lack of creativity this morning leads me to a weekend review post. Sorry.

Friday - I slept in a tiny bit, then went to see Allison. I love going to see my mentee, who is a ninth grader this year, but I have to admit something - everytime I talk to her I am so scared I am screwing her up. I tend to overthink every social interaction I have, but this is on a different level. I try not to rag on her to much, and rather than tell her not to do something, I make her pinky swear with me that she won't do things that are too terrible. I want to stay on a "friend" level so she continues to tell me things (so that way when shit gets real I can intervene) but I know she is at that age where things can get crazy and I want to give her sound advice.

That being said - there's no way I could be a parent. I would be convinced daily I am messing my kids up.

After Ali, I went home and relaxed for awhile, and then I went to see Dallas Buyers Club. Yes, by myself. I love love LOVE going to movies by myself.

After that, I truly just sat around and did nothing. I was so sore from my last few workouts that I needed a rest day, and I took it. And it was awesome.

Saturday - I got up early and went into work for awhile, to interview students for Scholarship Days. After that I hooked up with Missy and we went to see The Wolf of Wall Street, and then we had dinner, and then we went to August: Osage County. Lots of movies to see before March 2nd! Love it! then I went home and watched the SAG Awards.

P.S. I also didn't work out this day. I just didn't want to.

Sunday - I woke up and reported my weight in to Zach. Yes, I decided to do it. I figured he knows I used to be much fatter, so whatever. All these boys I have been friends with forever have seen me at my worst, so whatever. One thing is for sure - this is going to hold me SUPER accountable. I don't want to have to tell him if I gain. We are also reporting workouts to each other too. Holy balls, he is more demanding than my personal trainer was!

After that, I went to see Frozen with Miss, and I LOVED it. However, I was 45 minutes early to the movie (my binge theatre experiences may have cause my brain to mix up movie times) so I got to go to a coffee shop and just sit for awhile. That was nice. After the movie, I went to Glenwood to see my nieces and talk with my sister and parents, and then I went to Mom's for dinner. I also got to stop and see Mama Jan, which is always nice.

Nice little weekend! Now I've got to get through the work week so I can see more movies next weekend!

Friday, January 17, 2014

I got this.

It's still 16 days before my half marathon training officially begins. (I am using the Nike + app. They have a new "coach" feature that will help me through this whole debacle.) I have been working out really hard lately, though. I guess in my mind, it is to get me used to the hell I'm about to put my body through.

I am still super pumped for this thing. I reserved my hotel room and I'm starting to plan out that weekend. I'm fairly sure I will be flying solo that weekend. It does kinda make me sad that I will be crossing the finish line with no one there to be excited for me and hug me, but I'll be aight. I am really excited that my first major race is themed Wizard Of Oz - I think it's meant to be.

Since I will be following my "coach's" orders starting Feb 3rd, I've been trying to do (hard) workouts that are kinda more fun. I am obsessed with games, so I try to make games out of my workouts by adjusting the speeds and inclines on the treadmill. I have been going through my Pinterest "skinny" board and actually doing the workouts I have pinned. (Dude. I pinned some HARD stuff on that thing.)

Last night I was running on the treadmill, playing my usual mind games. I don't know if anyone else has this problem or if I just honestly have split personalities, but as I get to the end of my workouts, my brain starts telling me to give up. I don't want to, I truly don't, but my something in my brain tells me I'm tired and it won't really matter if I stop and walk. Last night I pushed through it and it felt awesome. (I mean, it didn't feel awesome when I walked out in the wind and that cold air hit my sweat covered body, but you know.) Why do I always question what I can accomplish? Why is part of my brain working against me? And how do I shut it up, because when I'm at mile 5 of a half marathon I'm going to have to find power from somewhere within me to keep going.

I realize the 5 miles I ran last night is nothing compared to the 13.1 I have facing me, but something changed last night and I realized I got this. I can do this. It may take me awhile, and I certainly won't be winning any awards or breaking any records, but I can do this. And I am SO EXCITED.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is up with me right now

At this moment in time I am..

LOVING - pinterest: I have had a pinterest account for a long time, but I have been binge-pinning the shit out of everything. My current pinsessions (get it..obsessions...pinsessions...I'm clever) are at-home workouts and chicken recipes.

ALSO LOVING - that my sister Amanda asked if I would run a 10k with her. Um, absolutely! I've been trying to get a member of my family to run with me for ages. Nicole and Kate, you up for it yet? Let's make this a sister race (where we don't actually race, but run together) (slowly) (cause I'm slow).

READING - I am in the middle of two books - Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen (not my friend) and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Brain Over Binge is, well, exactly what it sounds like - trying to train your brain to stop binge eating. I have mentioned on this blog a few times that I have a problem with this. If a book will help me not eat everything in my kitchen on any given night, I have to try it out. I started this about five days ago, and it has changed the way I look at food...but I also haven't really been tested yet.

WATCHING - I am getting so sick of American Horror Story. I want it to end so I can know who the new Supreme is, but I also want it over because I'm sick of fast forwarding through most of it anyway. Hey Ryan Murphy - we get it, you're shocking. Now stop being gross and just tell us a fucking story.

ALSO WATCHING (well, planning on watching) - all of the movies. The Oscar noms came out today, and I have only seen one of the nine movies. So if you need me between now and Sunday, March 2nd, I will be in a movie theatre. And I am SO EXCITED.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What?! I can't tell a boy what I weigh!

I feel like everyone is talking about weight loss lately. I am not working towards a specific goal right now except to take off the weight I have put back on since my major weight loss in 2012. If I lose some more after that I would be stoked, but at this point I would just like to get back down.

I was talking about this with Zach, who has been my friend forever. I am sure I've talked about him on this blog at some point, but here is my Zach history - we have been kindred spirits since first grade. He remembers when my dad came in to school to tell me that my baby brother had been born (and to bring it full circle, he will be my date to my brother's wedding this fall. Yes, my BABY brother is getting married before I do. But that's a story for another blog entry). I have always been the only girl around who isn't interested in sleeping with Zach. We refer to it as Zach-proof. I think I am the only girl alive who can make that claim.

Anyway, last night we were texting and I told him I was Operation Slim Down was in full effect. His next text made me gasp out loud:

"That's great! Wanna hold each other accountable? Report weights to each other every Sunday?" I do not want to tell you what I weigh every Sunday. You are a BOY. Granted I am Zach-proof, but you are still a boy and I don't want to tell you how much I weigh.

I conveyed that message to my dear friend, and he basically told me to get over it and he would be anxiously awaiting my weigh in results this Sunday.

What do I do? Change my number? Move? Lie? I can't tell a boy what I weigh!

I have four days to figure out what to do about this dilemma.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Selfie weekend

I tried to spend my weekend taking selfies, as an attempt to understand the appeal. I now present to you documentation of my experiement with being so obsessed with myself I needed to take pictures of my face and display them on the internet.
OMG y'all, just brushing my teeth. #oralhygiene #gagmewithatoothbrush #justkiddingihavenogagreflex

This is where girls write some song lyric that makes no sense but they think the lyric speaks to them and describes their look. I can't think of one. #ohyesican #getyoulovedrunkoffmyhumps #mylovelyladylumps

Yeah, I drive. What of it? #youlovemysunglasses #youlovemyseatbelt #safetyfirst #carcondom

After my workout. Don't I look like I worked out so hard? I can barely focus. If you don't work out, you are a loser. #ymca #running #wellactuallyjogging #morelikeputtering #imslow

Yum. My favorite lunch from my favorite place. #popcornchicken #348calories #ieatmealsfromgasstations

Just doing laundry y'all. #keepingitclean #saturdaychores

Just reading my book on my couch in my Livestrong shirt. #lancearmstrong #helikesdrugs #heneedsballs #hungergames #jenniferlawrenceismysoulmate

What, you don't put on makeup to clean your house? I do. #duckface #redlipstick #prettylips #mouthy

Afternoon snack! #zeropointsplus #lovepickles #theresnothingsexualaboutthispicturepervert

Sunday Funday! Heading to the gym. #ifyoudonttakeapictureifdoesnthappen #everyonehastocheckinatthegym #ifyoudontyouarealazypiece

I'm a superhero of sorts. #mysuperpowerisnotappropriateformyblog #hidad

I just painted my nails! Better take a picture so you can all see them! #iruinedthistwosecondslaterwheniforgotmynailswerewetandputsockson #sadface #manicuredoover
So what did I learn from this experiment? It is hard to remember to be this self involved. And it's embarassing to put them online. So for the people who post selfies on their Facebook several times a week - I salute you. I do have some questions for you though...
1. If it truly a selfie if there are other people in it? I didn't take any with my friends, because I wasn't sure. But on the red carpet last night, they kept talking about who they were going to get selfies with.
2. Do you just always have makeup on? I seriously never wear make up from the minute I shower on Thursday night until Monday morning. I don't get it.
3. Why post every selfie?
4. How do you remember to take them so often?
5. Do they count as selfies if you make someone take a full body picture of you posing? And why do you think you're a model?

That's all.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

You can be my friend, but...

I have always been a girl who has a lot of girlfriends. Which is weird, because I'm not a very nice girl, and I tend to not really like girlie things (although this is getting better as I get older, thanks to influence from my aunt and Missy and Hannah).

Today while I was sitting in a meeting, I got a text from a girlfriend telling me about a 31 party she is throwing. I love this friend dearly, but I have no interest in going to a 31 party. She has had several types of parties throughout the years, and she always invites me, and I never go. It made me wonder why she even likes me enough to continue inviting me...and then I got to thinking of all the annoying things about me that, for some reason, my friends put up with.

So I present to you...a list of disclaimers you should be aware of before agreeing to be my friend ***.

  1. As stated above, I hate any kind of party where merchandise is shown and I am expected to buy something. I don't like jewelry parties, candle parties, food parties, bag parties, etc. Usually I avoid this. Sometimes I will go, if I think the food will be good, or if Missy makes me. But for the most part, you can't be offended if I skip these. 
  2. I also really dislike baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and other events where a group of women who don't know each other are forced to hang out and play awkward games. Again, I will go to these events, but I dread them (but then I usually end up having a blast).
  3. Also, along those same lines, I absolutely, 100% DO NOT want any of those events thrown in my honor. If I get married or have kids, I want none of it. NONE. OF. IT.
  4. I am not into jewelry at all. I literally wear none of it. My ears aren't even pierced. Deal with it. 
  5. That being said, I will never get excited about a wedding ring. Ever. If I ever get engaged, I don't want a ring, so I will never ask to see one, and I never know how to react to one. Every single ring I've ever been shown seems way too big to me. So I guess I just don't get it. 
  6. I used to be quite a drinker, but I am really not anymore. It's mostly because I am so selfish with my days off that I don't want to waste one being hungover and pukey. Basically it's like this: once every 4 months or so, I will want to strap one on and get wasted. Other than that, I'm not going to. Please just deal with it. 
  7. Also, I do not like clubs. I don't want to go out for an evening if I can't wear a tshirt. I will never get all dolled up or wear heels to go out. Take me to a sports bar, please.
  8. I get like super obsessive about things. I binge watch and binge listen to things once I develop an interest. 
  9. There are a lot of movies I've never seen. Indiana Jones. Karate Kid. ET. Seven. Pulp Fiction. The Godfather. 
  10. I am pretty perverted, and I have no filter. And I swear a lot. My last girls night out included conversations about nipple clamps, cock rings and flexing vaginas during sex. And the word fuck was said no less than 254 times in the course of four hours. 

*** If you are currently my friend and one of the above items makes you want to revoke our friendship, too bad. You are stuck with me. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's alright cause I'm saved by the bell

One morning during my long, wonderful holiday break, I woke up and found myself with nothing to do for several hours. I turned on my TV and found my DVR I did something I never do...I looked through the channels to find something to watch. I stumbled upon a Saved by the Bell marathon on MTV2.

Cut to two days later. I have now binge watched four seasons of this damn show, and I even dreamt about Zach Morris and AC Slater. They were fighting over me like I was Kelly Kapowski.

This show was such a huge influence on my middle school life. I wish I could fully express in this blog how obsessed I was with Zach Morris. I loved him. I was convinced no boy would ever measure up to him.

However, watching this show as a 33 year old has brought some different feelings. Here is what I am noticing now:

  • Zach Morris was a dick. He was a terrible friend. He went to all lengths to get his way, even if it meant ruining his friend's lives and taking full advantage of them. Every episode he was a scheming piece of shit.
  • I was madly in love with him, don't get me wrong. But he fell for a new girl every episode and always fell head over heels, and then the girl never showed up again. Did he dump her off camera, then she couldn't deal so she transferred? We will never know what happened to that female wrestler or Slater's sister. And dude...he had like the biggest summer romance ever with Stacey Karosi, and she never even came to Bayside to visit.
  • Also, no one was safe from his blonde liplock. Jessi and Lisa both fell for him at one point. Seriously? Give me a break. Actually, all these slut bags ended up liking each other at some point.
  • It's impossible to watch this sitcom now and actually appreciate Screech at all, since I know what a douche bag he grew up to be.
  • The sense of continuity in this series was ridic. In one episode, Kelly and Zach were dating. In the next one, Zach was on to another chick. In one episode, Kelly had a terrible singing voice. In the next, she is jamming out in the Zack Attack band.
All of that being said, what are my most true, honest thoughts about Zach Morris. I'd hit it. Hard.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 - everyone's year

We're five days into the New are you doing with your resolutions? According to my blog feed, my Facebook timeline and my Twitter stalking you are all rocking it and kicking ass. So much, in fact, many of you have declared 2014 to be "your year". 

Do I think 2014 will be my year? No. I'm sure it will be fine. But I'm not entering into this year with any huge expectations. Pretty much every year is awesome and kicks ass, so I don't have any huge plans for this year except to just keep living life. 

Last night when I was reading yet another blog entry about someone else taking ownership over 2014, it got me thinking to the year I declared as "mine". 2008 and 2009 were a total bust in my life, so I decided 2010 was the year to turn it around. And I did. I rocked the shit out of 2010, and every year since has been amazing. My outlook on life changed, and I appreciate every day and experience. 

So while I find it slightly annoying everyone is trying to take 2014 as their year, I get it. And I wish you luck. 

On another note, my blogging will return to normal tomorrow when I get back on a normal schedule. I cannot stand blogging from my ipad, but I also cannot unplug my computer from netflix. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

I've committed

The other day I registered and paid for my first half marathon. So it's real now.

I didn't register for the Lincoln like everyone else I know did. But I will be there, cheering for my loved ones who are running it.  Nope, I signed up for the Oz one I wrote about a few weeks ago. It's the weekend before the Lincoln run here.

I am pretty much terrified, and I know it will take me a long time to finish. But I don't care. I'm so excited! And I'm anxious to get back to running outside (Zorinski is my favorite place) so I need these horrible cold weather to stop!

I am writing to on my iPad, which I hate, so I'm gonna stop and get back to Netflix. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I have always been a big fan of New Years Eve, but as I have gotten older I have gotten lamer. I always have this awesome idea of being curled up on my couch as the clock strikes midnight, watching something amazing on TV and drifting off to sleep.

That did not happen last night. In fact, I was out later than I have been in probably eight years. I didn't crawl into my bed until almost 4am. But it was worth it - I had a blast dancing to a local cover band and then going to breakfast with the girls. I actually made a new friend (and she's a female, as odd as that is!) and I proved to everyone it's totally fine to rock a tshirt at a NYE bash. 

Last night, along with a Husker win today, has started 2014 off pretty damn good!