Thursday, December 19, 2013

More people that need to be punched

- Parents that say they are having "date night" with their kids. That's fucking creepy. When you take your daughter out to dinner, you should not post a picture saying "mommy daughter date night!" because, guess's not a fucking date when you're with your offspring. And it's gross and weird to say you are, so get a life.

- Grandparents who decide they aren't going to go by Grandma and Grandpa. Look, I get that some kids come up with nicknames for the grandparents. My cousins always called my Grandpa Papa...I never did, but I was the first grandkid so I guess I never realized you could come up with different names. The difference here is that my cousins made up those names when they were like two or three...old enough to decide for themselves what names they were going to use. It wasn't my grandpa, deciding for himself that he wanted to be called Papa. Let the fucking kids decide for themselves. It's not okay for someone to say "Oh, I'm going to be a grandma. I think I will have the kids call me MeMaw. Or Valerie." I don't think many would choose Valerie, but you get my drift here. Let the children decide, for the love of God.

- People who are up in arms about this Phil Robertson thing. I am a huge fan of the Duck Dynasty empire. I am a huge fan in particular of Phil. Does that mean I agree with everything he says? No. I think gays should be able to do whatever they want. It doesn't change or affect me, and it seems to make them pretty happy, so who gives a shit. All Phil did was answer a question. He has never spoke of his beliefs on homosexuality on the show at all. I think A&E are ridiculous fools, but it's their paycheck. And they pissed off an entire army of Duck Dynasty fans, so good job there idiots. I just really hope that the rest of the family refuses to continue with the show on that network. Also, I can't help but wonder why A&E is so against letting one man say what he thinks in a magazine that is not connected to them at all, but they air programs such as Hoarders and Intervention with no problem. It's okay to laugh and mock and stare at people who are suffering from disorders and addictions, but it's not okay to directly quote the bible? And seriously...Bonnie and Clyde? It's okay to idolize former murderers and robbers, but a man who talks about his religion gets fired? I'm not sure that network is ran by smart adults.

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