Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Minneapolis trip

So Saturday Miss and I hit the road for Minneapolis. After a short six hour roadtrip we got there, checked into our hotel, watched the last two seconds of the Michigan/Ohio State game (suck) and then headed to the Mall of America.

Somehow I have never been to the Mall of America. I was really looking forward to it, since I kind of love shopping now. Finding parking was a bit of a hassle, but finally we did and then we walked into............

a mall. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was just a huge mall. Of course, it was awesome, don't get me wrong. I had the best time. But it was, in fact, just a mall.

We walked around the mall for like seven hours. It was awesome, but by then my feet hurt so bad and I just wanted to eat.

We met up with Adam, this boy we know, and had dinner. I had chicken and waffles for the first time ever. I must be missing something, because it was just chicken...on top of a waffle. Did I miss something? Why is this awesome?

Of course, my appetite may have been ruined because it was about ten minutes before that when I found out Paul Walker was dead. Dead. I can't deal.

Sunday was game day, and of course the Bears lost. This was just not a good weekend for my sports teams. This game didn't ruin my life as much as the Husker game, though, because I was starving and just wanted to eat, so I didn't even care who won as long as we didn't have to go into a second overtime.

After the game, we went to a bar and had a Juicy Loosie (sp?) hamburger. It's basically a huge patty with cheese in the middle. It was great, but I think the burger similiar to that at Brewburgers in Omaha is better. But it was awesome nonetheless, and I scarfed it down.

Since we had a whole evening ahead of us, we went to the movie theatre and saw Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie. I'm not a huge Hunger Games fan (I just couldn't get into the books) and I have only seen the first movie once (I thought it was just okay). But I LOVED this movie. I can't wait for the third one now.

We headed home yesterday and today I'm pretty exhausted. But guess who only has to work 11 days this month...this girl.

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