Friday, December 13, 2013

Just weird stuff

I feel like things have just been weird lately.

1. I got rear-ended on Wednesday morning. Another first. This year has not been good for my Jeep. I was sitting at a stop light, and the lady behind me chose not to stop.
2. Normally I hate hate HATE surprises. However, that rear-ending was a complete shock because I was not looking in my rear view mirror (also shocking, I was not on my phone...I was just sitting staring straight ahead). I realized that in that case I did not mind the surprise - I think it would have been worse if I had seen her elderly ass coming and not slowing down.
3. I went to the new outlet mall in Gretna and it is I mean seriously. I pretty much robbed Coach blind and Kate Spade...there are not even words. Having an outlet mall that close to me is not going to be a good thing.
4. I have my first piece of Coach as a gift, and it was almost as awesome as recieving it!
5. I got flowers delivered to my work, and I actually didn't hate it. Maybe because they were red and white? Or maybe because I'm getting soft and I like flowers all of a sudden?
6. I got a package from Amazon the other day that was addressed to "Jen Wilson or current resident". WTF, Amazon? You're just giving my shit away?! I paid for that movie.

However, one thing is not weird...I am officially in my winter coma. You can find me under my electric blanket until Oscar night (and then I will probably still be under my blanket, but with friends) (not under the blanket with me, just in my apartment) (well, maybe under the blanket with me).

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