Sunday, December 15, 2013

Basking in the ugly

Today was the Ugly Sweater Run. I'm not even going to try to lie. I did not want to run this thing.

It's freezing out. All week I was checking the temp for 11am on Sunday. At one point I asked the people in my office to pray for freezing rain or snow or high winds, anything to get me out of this thing.

As of yesterday, I wasn't going to run. Then I realized if I didn't, Nick would forever have something over me, and would forever be saying "remember when you paid to run the ugly sweater run, then skipped it, but Hannah and I didn't and you were a lazy fat loser?"

So I went.

It wasn't that bad, I guess. Before the race I was freezing. About a mile in, I thawed out. Then I got extremely hot, and I had to take off my cute little hat and my cute little gloves. My hair was not prepared for a removal of the cap, so I looked a bit like a mess.

Regardless of how much it sucked, I made it. And I might even do it again next year.

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