Thursday, December 12, 2013

A review on an amazing author

When I was in the Bahamas (ughhhh remember when I went to the Bahamas?! It was 81 degrees there today! 81! Guess how many degrees it was in Omaha today? 8. 8 mother-effing degrees) I read the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I had never read a book like that (murder mystery crime type stuff) and I was a little nervous I wouldn't like it, but I started it and it absorbed me. I read almost the whole thing that week, and when I got home I put myself on the wait list for Gillian's book Gone Girl. When I was done with that, I put myself on the wait list for another book of hers, Sharp Objects. Now I am out of Gillian Flynn books to read and in a slight depression about it. I am going to tell you about them now, as an attempt to work through my depression.

  • Gone Girl - this book is being made into a movie, so get your shit together and read it NOW. This book is about Nick and Amy, an interesting couple. It starts on the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary. Nick leaves the house for a bit, and his wife disappears while he is gone. Just poof. Gone girl (you like what I did there). The first half of the book alternates between Nick and Amy's point of view - Nick's being present day, where the search for Amy is ongoing and stressful, and Amy's from the past, as she wrote in her diary. Amy's version of their life is very different from Nick's. The second half of the book shows the twist, which is awesome, and while the ending does leave you kind of depressed, I feel it is realistic of marriage today. I hope they don't change it for the movie, which comes out in 2014 and Ben Affleck plays Nick!
  • Dark Places - Libby Day is the lone survivor of a horrible mass murdering which left her sisters and mom a bloody pile of guts in her house. Her brother was blamed for the murders, and her word put him away for life. She was a young girl when that happened, and the book takes place when she is in her early 30's and she is a mess of a person. A group of her brother's supporters reach out to her to try to get her to change her testimony because they have reason to believe he is not guilty. The book chapter's are all told from the view of different people - Libby, her brother, her mom, her brother's good.
  • Sharp Objects - this is my favorite one. This book took over my whole life for 1.5 days (yes...I read it in 1.5 days). Camille is a reporter in Chicago, but her paper isn't exactly the most popular, so they are looking for a scoop. A murder in her hometown sends her back to Missouri for awhile, and the interesting piece of it is that a similiar murder happened in the past and here's the gross part - when the young girls were found, all of their teeth had been ripped out. I know right? Sick. Anyway, Camille does some investigating, and it brings up a lot of horrible memories and urges her to be a cutter again, which is how she got through her childhood and adult years. Her family is less than loving. The twist at the end of this book is SO FLIPPING GOOD. Don't take my word for it. Read it yourself.
I want Gillian to write more books! Not that she will read this blog, but get on it, woman!

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  1. I read "Gone Girl," and I wouldn't say I loved it, but the book stayed with me for a long time. It was just so twisted.