Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter vacation

Sorry I kind of disappeared on all y'all. To be completely honest, I hate using my brain when I am not at work, so I have avoided doing it.

I have been on break (vacation, whatever) for ten days now. TEN DAYS! Do you know how weird it is to be off work for this long and NOT be unemployed and job searching?! It's kind of nice, I'm not going to lie. Since I am not job searching, I have been doing a lot of awesome things.

I have seen a lot of people that I love. I went out for drinks with Katie and Missy (those of you who know me know this is a rare event these days). I saw the Saving Mr Banks movie and cried, and came home and watched Mary Poppins and cried. I played my game where I go to the music channels and try to guess the artist that is coming up next and I, for the first time ever, WON! (Patty Loveless, you my homegirl). I had Christmas dinners with my families and made everyone try my buffalo chicken dip. I bit Cooper Boone (he bit me first). I watched all of Season One of American Horror Story. I've read a lot. I've slept a lot. I got to run outside three times, and then the weather turned to shit.

2014 is almost here, and I am trying to decide whether or not I should try to make a resolution. I have kind of slid backwards on my weight loss, so I do plan on getting a little more focused on getting back down to my fighting weight. I just like to live life, and life is delicious so I eat it. I have the working out thing down, I just need to get my diet under control. So maybe I'll just work on that.

I also really want to break my addiction to my phone. That was a resolution last year, but it didn't happen. I hate how dependent I am on it. So I will work on it.

Well I guess I just made two resolutions.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The time we had to shave my mom's head

I suffer from a disorder in my life, and it's not something a doctor can help me with. It's called "Delayed Reaction Disorder". I often take news very well, and I get through tough events with ease. Then, after a certain amount of time, I slowly lose it.

This is an extreme example of a delayed reaction. 

So I'm sure at some point on this blog I have written about my mom's cancer. It was a weird situation. The cancer was never going to kill her - we just needed to get it out of her, obviously. She had a bone marrow transplant, and then had to go through radiation and chemo. 

It was terrible. The chemo made her really sick, where she wouldn't get out of bed for days and she was puking all the time. I think being depressed about her life didn't help the situation. We (the four of us) tried so hard to make her be positive about it, but we never got through to her. I guess it's hard to be positive when you feel horrible, you have cancer, and you aren't happy with your husband. 

During chemo, my mom's hair started falling out, like it was supposed to. Mom's hair was thinning and kind of a mousy brown anyway, so I tried to look at the bright side of things. One day when it was looking particularly thin, I tried to lift her spirits. 

"It could come back luscious and beautiful and thick!" I said to her. "Are you going to shave your head?"
Looking back, that was a terrible question to ask. I can be pretty insensitive sometimes, and I tend to ask a lot of questions that probably shouldn't be asked. 

But she just paused and then quietly said "Yes, will you shave it for me?"

I froze. I was obviously not okay with my mom having cancer, but I had accepted it and knew what needed to happen to get her better. I, however, didn't know if I could actually shave her head. But I couldn't admit that emotionally I couldn't handle it, so I mumbled some bullshit about the grain of hair and not knowing how to use clippers. I told her I would ask my friend Leanna to do it, as she is a hair dresser. 

We worked out a day with Leanna, who said she would go to Mom's house to do it so that it would be more private. I went with Leanna that day, of course, because I didn't want Mom to be alone during the event. 

Mom cracked jokes through the whole haircut. She already had wigs picked out, and some pretty scarves. It was actually the most positive I had seen her through the whole cancer journey. The whole thing took maybe twenty minutes, and then Leanna and I were back in my car. It went remarkably well. 

Now, over two years later, I can't believe how well she handled it. I have been watching a lot of shows/movies lately where a cancer patient has to shave their head, and the event is so dramatic and intense - it's such a hard decision, and you have to basically give in to the cancer at that point, swallow your pride and shave your hair off. I complain about my hair almost daily, but I cannot imagine having to shave it off and displaying to the world that I am a cancer patient. 

Since I ask inappropriate questions, I will probably ask her when I see her tomorrow what she was really thinking throughout that whole event. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

More people that need to be punched

- Parents that say they are having "date night" with their kids. That's fucking creepy. When you take your daughter out to dinner, you should not post a picture saying "mommy daughter date night!" because, guess's not a fucking date when you're with your offspring. And it's gross and weird to say you are, so get a life.

- Grandparents who decide they aren't going to go by Grandma and Grandpa. Look, I get that some kids come up with nicknames for the grandparents. My cousins always called my Grandpa Papa...I never did, but I was the first grandkid so I guess I never realized you could come up with different names. The difference here is that my cousins made up those names when they were like two or three...old enough to decide for themselves what names they were going to use. It wasn't my grandpa, deciding for himself that he wanted to be called Papa. Let the fucking kids decide for themselves. It's not okay for someone to say "Oh, I'm going to be a grandma. I think I will have the kids call me MeMaw. Or Valerie." I don't think many would choose Valerie, but you get my drift here. Let the children decide, for the love of God.

- People who are up in arms about this Phil Robertson thing. I am a huge fan of the Duck Dynasty empire. I am a huge fan in particular of Phil. Does that mean I agree with everything he says? No. I think gays should be able to do whatever they want. It doesn't change or affect me, and it seems to make them pretty happy, so who gives a shit. All Phil did was answer a question. He has never spoke of his beliefs on homosexuality on the show at all. I think A&E are ridiculous fools, but it's their paycheck. And they pissed off an entire army of Duck Dynasty fans, so good job there idiots. I just really hope that the rest of the family refuses to continue with the show on that network. Also, I can't help but wonder why A&E is so against letting one man say what he thinks in a magazine that is not connected to them at all, but they air programs such as Hoarders and Intervention with no problem. It's okay to laugh and mock and stare at people who are suffering from disorders and addictions, but it's not okay to directly quote the bible? And seriously...Bonnie and Clyde? It's okay to idolize former murderers and robbers, but a man who talks about his religion gets fired? I'm not sure that network is ran by smart adults.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The time we called that celebrity

It's time.

It's time to tell this story.

I will change names to protect the innocent. One day this friend and I, we'll call her Jyll, were doing our normal routine of stalking celebrities. We used to go to this website that I will not divulge, and if you put celebrities names in it would show you where they lived, and then you could google search the address and actually look at their house. It used radar or something. We would search it in hopes of catching them outside, hanging laundry or doing something equally as interesting (I mean hell, stars are just like us, they do laundry too, right?)

Anyway. On that particular day, we realized that some of the addresses included phone numbers. We tried calling a few of them, but we couldn't get past their personal assistants, or the numbers were disconnected all together. We saw that a certain celebrity's (we'll call him Ray) number was listed, and decided we should probably try to call him. We even had a good reason - it was College World Series time in Omaha, and he was often spotted at Roosenblatt Stadium during that time. However, our stalking got interupted, so we saved his number in my phone so we could try it later when we went out drinking.

After work we went to a bar with a bunch of people from work, and drinks were consumed. That's when Jyll and I remembered we had a certain number in my phone, and we dialed that bitch up.

"Um, hello, is Ray there?" I stuttered.
"Who's calling?" The person spoke with a Spanish/Mexican (I don't know how to say that politically correctly) accent.
"Jyll." I probably should have come up with a code name, but this was all just happening too easily.
"Jyll who?"
"Jyll. From Omaha."
"Hold on." HOLD ON?! Is she seriously going to go get Ray?

Jyll was hanging on my every word. My heart was pounding. A few seconds later, his familiar voice came though the line. "Hello? Who is this?"
"It's Jyll! From Omaha!" Why, oh why, was I using Omaha as my selling point?
Silence. "I don't know a Jyll from Omaha," he said, confused and slow.
"We met at CWS a few years back. I was just seeing if you were in town?" My story was unraveling.
"No, I'm not." Annoyance. I realized this wasn't a great plan.
I quickly got him off the phone, somehow. It got awkward. I got awkward and panicky and I started sweating.

We were sitting there relishing in the fact that we actually had a celebrity on my phone when my cell started ringing.

"FUCK! It's Ray's number!" We fought over my phone for a minute, and finally I won the battle and we let it go to voicemail. I ran in the bathroom, Jyll on my heels, to listen to the voicemail.

After dialing my passcode, the voicemail started. "Hello, this is Ray's wife Martha. This voicemail says this is a Jen. Is this Jen or Jyll? Whoever it is, why are you calling my husband?"

Shit. We were in trouble. We were just staring at each other blankly when the phone rang again, displaying Ray's number.

"We have to answer it now." Jyll grabbed the phone from me. "Hello?"
It was Ray again. "Okay. Is this Jen or Jyll?"
"It's Jyll," she said. "Okay, look, we don't know you, we just found your number online and thought we would call to see if you were in Omaha for the CWS. We really are in Omaha, and we're just fans."
Ray laughed. "Would you please explain that to my wife?"
"Yes!" Jill yelled.

There was silence and arguing in the background. Ray came back on the phone. "Okay, she doesn't want to talk. Just stay safe tonight and have fun in Omaha, ladies."

Phone call ended. Number deleted. Story told one million times.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Uncle Dennis

One of the earliest memories I can remember is riding in a pickup truck with my dad's best friend, Dennis. I remember him turning up the radio up and we jammed out to Motley Crue, Poison and Guns and Roses. He always smelled like motor oil, and he always, always bought us ice cream with the ding ding man drove by. His hands were always dirty because he worked on trucks or motorcycles all. the. time.

He spent a lot of Friday nights at our house (maybe he lived with us? I am not really sure) and my sister Nicole and I would wake him up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with us. We weren't nice about our wake up calls - we would throw balls at his head and hit him with rubber baseball bats. We were little snots, but Dennis would always wake up, get us some breakfast and watch our shows with us.

When he ate dinner with us, Nicole would make a big mess of her food, adding ketchup where it didn't belong and mixing everything together. Dennis would eat her concoction, mostly to make us sick, but also I think because that way no one could yell at Nicole for not finishing her plate.

He and my parents were young - Mom was 19 when I was born, and Dennis and Dad were only 20. I am sure most of my parent's friends were off drinking and being ridic, but Dennis became our uncle, a staple to our family. He and my dad were always together, and Dennis loved us as his own.

As we grew older, our family changed - Mom and Dad got divorced, Dad married Peg, we all moved to Glenwood and Dennis lived in our old house in Pacific Junction. Dennis got married to a horrible woman named Lynda, and they had two daughters. We didn't see him as often, but we knew he was there when we needed him.

In 2005, Dennis and his wife were in the midst of a divorce and she was living with her new boyfriend. Something bad happened. Something inside Dennis snapped. And Feb 13, 2005 he walked into the bowling alley in Glenwood with a gun and killed Lynda's boyfriend. He fired his shots, put his gun down and surrendered. He had done what he wanted to do and he knew (clearly) there was no escaping his actions.

Dennis is now in jail for the rest of his life. He didn't say much during his trial; there was really no arguing the evidence. He got life in prison with no chance of parole. NO CHANCE. Charles Manson is eligible for parole every few years, but Uncle Dennis is not. Does that make sense? No. Is it fair? No. Do I wish I had enough money to get him a decent lawyer and reopen the case? Yes.

It's been almost nine years, but I still think about this all the time. The reason for this random, untimely blog was a dream I had the other night where I ran into him at WalMart. I followed him for awhile, and then finally got his attention and was like "dude...aren't you supposed to be in prison?"

I would never say what he did was okay, nor will I ever understand it. I will never forget the morning (Valentine's Day) when Dad called and said "Are you sitting down? Uncle Dennis lost it last night." I spent the rest of the morning watching the news, until my boy of the moment came and took me to breakfast where I couldn't eat, and I just kept sputtering "what was he thinking? what's going to happen now?"

I just worry about him. And I miss him.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fitness review

Having health insurance is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it also comes with some suckiness. 

When I worked at Kaplan, our health insurance made us do a wellness piece of it, where we had to answer a ton of questions online and have a physical every year. I think this is pretty normal. Luckily the girlie doctor counted as the physical, so every year I would half ass answer the questions, go renew my birth control, and forget about it until the next year. 

Midland seems a little more mindful of our wellness. 

We had to answer a questionnaire similar to what we dealt with at Kaplan, but this time I decided not to half ass it, but whole ass it. I answered every question honestly. Then, we had what they dubbed a "wellness fair" that we had to attend, which included getting weighed, measured and a blood draw. 

To say I was nervous is an understatement. 

I am less skittish when it comes to blood and stuff, but let's get real...I am still a pussy. I am still terrified of needles and anything sharp. It's been a really long time since I have completely passed out (I've had two bad spells, but I didn't go down), and I really really didn't want to be the next time to be in a conference room with all my new co-workers. I am already known as "that girl who walked into a pole and cut her eye open" (oh yeah...that happened...don't ever text and walk, people), so I really didn't want to be known as "that girl who passed out, too). 

So I was a mess. My office mate Rachel went with me. Somehow, everything went fine, after I had warned everyone within listening radius that I might pass out. I also made the nurse lady promise she wouldn't call 911 or make me go to the hospital, and I also drilled her on her credentials and how long she has been drawing blood and what would she do if I passed out. 

The other day I got my results in the mail. The four things I need to work on are:

1. Lose more weight. I knew this already, although the weight they want me to get down to probably will never happen. It's basically my birth weight. 
2. Eat better. If they knew how I used to eat, trust me, they would be pleased with the strides I have made. But I know I need to make improvements here, as well. 
3. Lower my cancer risk. I'm really not sure how to do this, and it didn't really give me any information. I don't smoke or really do anything that is asking for cancer, so whatevs. 
4. Lower my blood pressure. I really don't know what to say about this one, because my blood pressure has been high for quite awhile, because getting my blood pressure taken makes me extremely nervous. I am always convinced I am going to pass out if I'm in a doctor's office or hospital, so of course I measure a bit high. Duh. 

As weird as this is to say, I am actually happy with all the bullshit my new insurance company and employer is making us go through. It's oddly comforting to know what my main problems are. Now if only they would make us all have mental health coverage as well, cause you don't want to get up inside this head. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Basking in the ugly

Today was the Ugly Sweater Run. I'm not even going to try to lie. I did not want to run this thing.

It's freezing out. All week I was checking the temp for 11am on Sunday. At one point I asked the people in my office to pray for freezing rain or snow or high winds, anything to get me out of this thing.

As of yesterday, I wasn't going to run. Then I realized if I didn't, Nick would forever have something over me, and would forever be saying "remember when you paid to run the ugly sweater run, then skipped it, but Hannah and I didn't and you were a lazy fat loser?"

So I went.

It wasn't that bad, I guess. Before the race I was freezing. About a mile in, I thawed out. Then I got extremely hot, and I had to take off my cute little hat and my cute little gloves. My hair was not prepared for a removal of the cap, so I looked a bit like a mess.

Regardless of how much it sucked, I made it. And I might even do it again next year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Just weird stuff

I feel like things have just been weird lately.

1. I got rear-ended on Wednesday morning. Another first. This year has not been good for my Jeep. I was sitting at a stop light, and the lady behind me chose not to stop.
2. Normally I hate hate HATE surprises. However, that rear-ending was a complete shock because I was not looking in my rear view mirror (also shocking, I was not on my phone...I was just sitting staring straight ahead). I realized that in that case I did not mind the surprise - I think it would have been worse if I had seen her elderly ass coming and not slowing down.
3. I went to the new outlet mall in Gretna and it is I mean seriously. I pretty much robbed Coach blind and Kate Spade...there are not even words. Having an outlet mall that close to me is not going to be a good thing.
4. I have my first piece of Coach as a gift, and it was almost as awesome as recieving it!
5. I got flowers delivered to my work, and I actually didn't hate it. Maybe because they were red and white? Or maybe because I'm getting soft and I like flowers all of a sudden?
6. I got a package from Amazon the other day that was addressed to "Jen Wilson or current resident". WTF, Amazon? You're just giving my shit away?! I paid for that movie.

However, one thing is not weird...I am officially in my winter coma. You can find me under my electric blanket until Oscar night (and then I will probably still be under my blanket, but with friends) (not under the blanket with me, just in my apartment) (well, maybe under the blanket with me).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A review on an amazing author

When I was in the Bahamas (ughhhh remember when I went to the Bahamas?! It was 81 degrees there today! 81! Guess how many degrees it was in Omaha today? 8. 8 mother-effing degrees) I read the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I had never read a book like that (murder mystery crime type stuff) and I was a little nervous I wouldn't like it, but I started it and it absorbed me. I read almost the whole thing that week, and when I got home I put myself on the wait list for Gillian's book Gone Girl. When I was done with that, I put myself on the wait list for another book of hers, Sharp Objects. Now I am out of Gillian Flynn books to read and in a slight depression about it. I am going to tell you about them now, as an attempt to work through my depression.

  • Gone Girl - this book is being made into a movie, so get your shit together and read it NOW. This book is about Nick and Amy, an interesting couple. It starts on the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary. Nick leaves the house for a bit, and his wife disappears while he is gone. Just poof. Gone girl (you like what I did there). The first half of the book alternates between Nick and Amy's point of view - Nick's being present day, where the search for Amy is ongoing and stressful, and Amy's from the past, as she wrote in her diary. Amy's version of their life is very different from Nick's. The second half of the book shows the twist, which is awesome, and while the ending does leave you kind of depressed, I feel it is realistic of marriage today. I hope they don't change it for the movie, which comes out in 2014 and Ben Affleck plays Nick!
  • Dark Places - Libby Day is the lone survivor of a horrible mass murdering which left her sisters and mom a bloody pile of guts in her house. Her brother was blamed for the murders, and her word put him away for life. She was a young girl when that happened, and the book takes place when she is in her early 30's and she is a mess of a person. A group of her brother's supporters reach out to her to try to get her to change her testimony because they have reason to believe he is not guilty. The book chapter's are all told from the view of different people - Libby, her brother, her mom, her brother's good.
  • Sharp Objects - this is my favorite one. This book took over my whole life for 1.5 days (yes...I read it in 1.5 days). Camille is a reporter in Chicago, but her paper isn't exactly the most popular, so they are looking for a scoop. A murder in her hometown sends her back to Missouri for awhile, and the interesting piece of it is that a similiar murder happened in the past and here's the gross part - when the young girls were found, all of their teeth had been ripped out. I know right? Sick. Anyway, Camille does some investigating, and it brings up a lot of horrible memories and urges her to be a cutter again, which is how she got through her childhood and adult years. Her family is less than loving. The twist at the end of this book is SO FLIPPING GOOD. Don't take my word for it. Read it yourself.
I want Gillian to write more books! Not that she will read this blog, but get on it, woman!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm doing it!

Okay, so I know I have been saying for quite awhile that I want to run a half marathon. The most I have ever ran is nine miles, but I feel that I could (maybe) push myself to get to 13.1. I am nervous as all get out, but I feel like I could do it. Not finishing is not an option, but it might take me all day.

I talked to friends about this, and they all had suggestions of what halfs (halves?) I should sign up for. All of them were local. For some reason I have been completely against running the Omaha one, but there are a few in Iowa that I maybe wanted to check out. But I wasn't passionate enough about any of them to actually research them, and by then my confidence had waned, and then I decided I actually hated running anyway and so I forgot about the whole idea.


I saw this.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! A Wizard of Oz themed half?

I'm in. I'm so in.

I found a 20 week training plan, and I am running this bitch on Saturday, April 26th at 7am.

And, of course, I have started planning my outfit. Here are some ideas:

I AM SO EXCITED! I started the running plan yesterday, and it's weird how since I'm running  towards a goal, all of a sudden I am pumped about it again (even though I am on a freaking treadmill).
This is a big deal, so I will probably be blogging about it a lot, so bow out now if you are one of those people who hate listening to me talk (seeing me write) about running. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

People I Want to Punch

When I was in college, I had a running list of people I wanted to punch. It was a joke in my dorm room - we kept an ongoing list, and although I never actually punched anyone, I did give some deadly glares and launched mean girl campaigns against them.

I have been in a fairly aggressive mood since the Nebraska-Iowa game, and then today I saw an entire blog called "People I want to Punch in the Throat" that made me think that maybe it's time to bring back my list. And therefore, I give you...people I want to punch (I won't specify the throat, any body part will do):

1. People who are criticizing Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer's rendition of The Sound of Music - people are saying it doesn't hold up to the original. Hey wasn't supposed to. This is a stage version, not a freaking movie version. Plus, they never said they were trying to replace or beat out Julie Andrews...this was another version of it. You people are stupid, and you deserve to be punched. Quit being haters! Yes, I hate you haters.

2. People who want it to snow. You are dumb.

3. People who call their kids "mini-me" when their kids look nothing like them. Even if their kids look just like them, it's stupid to post all over facebook about your "mini-me". Hopefully your kids don't also replicate your dumb ass brain. I know of one person who has a kid who looks exactly like him, but other than him no one should use that stupid term.

4. While we are on that track, I also have to complain about parents who are stupid about this Elf on a Shelf thing. Now I can understand this creepy looking thing if it's just a simple Christmas hiding it somewhere, letting your kids find him and then tell them "watch your fucking back, kid, that elf reports directly to Santa every time you're a shithead." But these moms...these stupid moms who put so much time and effort into it and have to post it all over their social media outlets...give me a break, dude. Who is this elf really pleasing? Cause I bet your kids don't give a shit.

5. People who do the "pay it forward" thing, but then post online about how great and giving they are. The point of pay it forward is to do it anonymously, so shut the fuck up.

6. People who post selfies that have nothing to do with the caption. Look...I get it. I am guilty of a selfie every now and then myself. I am a big fan of pictures in general. I need a picture of you, in front of a mirror, in your bedroom, telling me "Happy Monday!" There is nothing about your face that shows me it's a Monday. Your face smiling (for, let's get real, probably the tenth take) doesn't make my Monday better. Even better are the people who say things like "It's a beautiful day!" and then post a picture of their perfect, instagrammed face. Are you telling me your face makes it a beautiful day? Cause it doesn't. And you're dumb.

7. People who talk to people on Facebook who don't have a Facebook. "Happy first birthday, baby girl, momma loves you more than you will ever know!" Oh, I'm sorry, your one year old has a Facebook? Will she add me? Or is she too busy shitting her pants and drooling to accept friend requests? Or maybe she's the smart one who hasn't been demented by social media yet and her parents are the idiots.

8. People who don't even attempt to park correctly because there is one inch of snow on the ground. Yellow lines are slightly covered? Just park that bitch where ever you want. Asshole.

Woah negative nelly! I will follow this up with a nicer blog post tomorrow.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 (aka, the year I met Bret Michaels)

I have been kinda planning out a year-end blog post for awhile now. And while this may be pre-mature since it's only Dec 5th (and who knows what kind of awesome stuff could happen in the next three weeks), I am going to do it today because I have time and it's my blog and I do what I want.

As I was mentally plotting out this post, I was thinking "how am I going to beat 2012? That year kicked ass." Well, my friends (and enemies who stalk me), 2013 did the job well. This year was kick-you-in-the-face-fantastic. Let me give you a little taste of it.

I went to a lot of concerts. Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Bush, Cheap Trick, Chicago, LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, Goo, Florida Georgia Line...there may have been others, but those are the ones I have pictures of on Facebook. This is just a really good picture of one of those nights.

And of course, the best concert ever in the history of concerts...was the day I met Bret Michaels. You can read about that here.  And here's the picture, in case you have forgotten the image.

I also ran some races, which was a big deal for me because I never in my life thought I would be a race runner. I didn't really do any serious first one ever was the Shamrock Run with my aunt...
Followed by my first run ever where people just threw stuff at me...

And the first run I ever did with Leslie (I never thought I would actually be able to say I ran with Leslie Schmailzl-Martin) (I mean, we were eating cupcakes the whole time, but who are you to judge?).
A bunch of other awesome things happened this year...
I got a new nephew.
I went to the freaking Bahamas!

I went to Minnesota June for Maren's wedding, and last week for my first NFL game! Bears vs. Vikings. Yes, the Bears lost, but I was so hungry for a Juice Loosy that I didn't even care.

Miss and I went to the Iowa State Fair and rocked.

I held a freaking alligator.

Miss and I went to Chicago and it was awesome.

Also, some things happened that I didn't capture on film (okay, not film...ugh digital...air? Do kids today even know what film is?). I started the year working at Metro, not I am at Midland. Yes, sometimes it feels like all I do Monday-Thursday is drive, but other than that I love it.
I got declared tumor free and I don't have to go back for any follow up appointments unless I feel something weird. HOLLA!
2013 was a pretty amazing year, I have to say. Here's to 2014!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Minneapolis trip

So Saturday Miss and I hit the road for Minneapolis. After a short six hour roadtrip we got there, checked into our hotel, watched the last two seconds of the Michigan/Ohio State game (suck) and then headed to the Mall of America.

Somehow I have never been to the Mall of America. I was really looking forward to it, since I kind of love shopping now. Finding parking was a bit of a hassle, but finally we did and then we walked into............

a mall. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was just a huge mall. Of course, it was awesome, don't get me wrong. I had the best time. But it was, in fact, just a mall.

We walked around the mall for like seven hours. It was awesome, but by then my feet hurt so bad and I just wanted to eat.

We met up with Adam, this boy we know, and had dinner. I had chicken and waffles for the first time ever. I must be missing something, because it was just chicken...on top of a waffle. Did I miss something? Why is this awesome?

Of course, my appetite may have been ruined because it was about ten minutes before that when I found out Paul Walker was dead. Dead. I can't deal.

Sunday was game day, and of course the Bears lost. This was just not a good weekend for my sports teams. This game didn't ruin my life as much as the Husker game, though, because I was starving and just wanted to eat, so I didn't even care who won as long as we didn't have to go into a second overtime.

After the game, we went to a bar and had a Juicy Loosie (sp?) hamburger. It's basically a huge patty with cheese in the middle. It was great, but I think the burger similiar to that at Brewburgers in Omaha is better. But it was awesome nonetheless, and I scarfed it down.

Since we had a whole evening ahead of us, we went to the movie theatre and saw Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie. I'm not a huge Hunger Games fan (I just couldn't get into the books) and I have only seen the first movie once (I thought it was just okay). But I LOVED this movie. I can't wait for the third one now.

We headed home yesterday and today I'm pretty exhausted. But guess who only has to work 11 days this month...this girl.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Loooooooong weekend

Hi all. Remember me? It's been a week since my last post, which sucks I know. But I have been ass-busy ever since then. Plus, with my laptop connected to my TV because I just. can't. stop. watching. Parenthood, it makes it hard to blog from home. Not that I was home much over the past five days.

My extended weekend started last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, when campus closed at noon and we all got to go home. Confession: I can't remember what I did this day. I know I ran some errands and made cookies, but other than that I have no idea. If someone could fill in that blank, that would be great.

Thursday morning I got up early and ran a 5k with part of the Schmailzl clan. It was freezing, but I wore way too many layers and almost died halfway through. I was looking for every reason not to run that stupid race, but I was really glad when I was done and for the first time in months, I found a runners high at the end of it.

After that I spent the day with my family, duh. I almost instantly ate all the calories I burnt on my run, and then some. But who cares. It's Thanksgiving.

Friday morning I got up again and headed to Lincoln with Missy and Katie to watch the Huskers piss the game down their leg. I have never experienced anger over a football game like I did on Friday. I hated every single Iowa fan I saw. I didn't even know I had that kind of anger in me for something as ridic as a football game, but I was PISSED. It took me awhile to get over it too. What the hell!?

After that shit show, I went to Mom's for another Thanksgiving, and then I went home and went to bed because I had to get up early (again) on Saturday to head to Minneapolis with Miss. I headed to her house and we were on the road at 8:19a.

I'm sick of writing right now, so I will tell you about our roadtrip later.

Also, sorry for no pics, but I am too lazy to upload them.

In other words, this is a half ass blog entry.