Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas

Most of you probably know my family's thing with Christmas.

We are ridic.

At this point we have been ridic for so long we just continue being ridic, even though we all agree it's ridic.

Let me explain.

My dad owns the lot that his house sits on, the three lots to the right of it, and the lot behind the house. And he decorates all that for Christmas. He starts the day after Halloween and on Thanksgiving night he throws the switch and we all walk the block and stare at his masterpiece.

I usually take one day between Halloween and Thanksgiving to go down and help him. I don't know if I am actually much of a help, but I try. I am not great with electrical stuff, and I get distracted easily and tend to wander off with the kids. But I try to do a few areas of the yard to make the project a little easier for him.

Today was my volunteer day. So this is how I spent my Saturday: Got to Dad's, started my laundry (hell, I have to do laundry at some point over the weekend, and it's free there). Helped Bill by throwing reindeer and extension cords to him while he stood on the garage roof. Asked if I could get up there and was denied. Created a setlist so we could listen to music. Found a Ho Ho Ho sign that was brand new, so I put that together and hid it in the yard to see if Dad would notice. Ate snacks. Helped Kate with the bank lights (this was actually quite a job and took quite awhile). Taped clear lights to hula hoops for a project Kate wanted to do (this sucked bad). Ate Chinese food. Put lights on a bush. Made inappropriate jokes to my brothers about lighting up my bush. Taped lights on the handrails leading down the steps. Walked around with Gracie and Kaylee for far too long taking pictures of them with all the decor.Played with a huge inflatable Joy sign and made Kate take pictures of me. Made John senior picture pose with me. Dad finally made me do something, so he sent me to find a spot for the Joy sign to sit instead of on my head. He handed me a knife to do this, so I played with that for awhile and screamed when I couldn't get it down. Helped John and Bill set up candles for the driveway. Decided that was enough for the day. Caved when Dad asked me where the Ho Ho Ho sign was and showed him.

I am exhausted. Here are some pictures from my day.

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