Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I always end up sucking at this

Hi everyone. I'm sorry that the majority of my blog posts seem to start with "sorry I suck at blogging" or "remember how I never blog?". I should promise that I will get better, but I won't. I will try. How about that?

So what have I been up to; what has made me so busy that I can't find the time to blog? Well, let me tell you.

My new job. I've been at Midland for about a month, and I really like it. Like, I actually like it, not like when I said Metro was amazing and really I was miserable. (I should also promise never to lie again, but that would be a lie.) (Just ask Nick.) (I just lied to him yesterday.)

I work four days a week, two of those bring 12 hour days. Which is awesome, cause I always have a weekday off, but it pounds a lot of hours into four days. So I tend to stay off the computer when I am not in my office.

I have also been reading a lot. Over vacation (remember when I went to the Bahamas?) I read an entire book and when that happens I get the itch to start reading like 8th-grade-nerdy-Jen who never did anything but sit with a book up my nose, reading as quickly as I could through my thick-ass glasses. (What can I say, The Baby-Sitters Club was incredibly engaging reading material.) (Especially the Super Specials and the Mysteries).  I read this book over vacation.

You was SO GOOD. Normally I stick with chick-lit or romantic shit, but this went against my norm and I am so glad I checked it out from the library. (shut up, yes I go to the library.) I loved it so much I immediantly checked this book out when I got home:

Again, my girl Gillian Flynn nailed it. This one is being made into a movie and I can't wait. I am on the waiting list (WTF) for the digital copy of her other book, and then I will officially be a fangirl of Ms. Flynn and anxiously awaiting her every written word.
I also have been continously getting caught up with my DVR. My obsession show for the season is, of course, American Horror Story. That show makes me cry, pee my pants and hide in the corner like a little bitch-baby, and that's all just during the opening credits. Why do I watch it? Basically every Wednesday night for the rest of the fall I won't be sleeping, so feel free to come visit or hit a sista up during those hours. Just don't try to sneak in or tap on my windows or I will MURDER you.


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