Monday, October 28, 2013

Go home, get stoned

Some stuff has been happening lately. It's all pretty awesome.

Nick and I went to Hinder last night (and Missy too, but she runs around a lot during shows). We were up on the side of the stage, pretty much as close to the band as you can get.

I have become ridic-obsessed with Breaking Bad. However, I still watch Netflix via my laptop being attached to my tv by an HDMI cord. So...that means no remote to rewind or fast forward. So...that means I am also getting a workout in, because anytime I get nervous or scared I jump up and run out of the room and watch the scene from behind a closet door.

My niece dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween and

I've officially given up on running outside and I'm treadmill only until spring. Oh, except for those two 5K's I signed up for on Thanksgiving morning and Dec 16th. #whatthehellamithinking
Kate and I popped some tags on Saturday and I wound up buying this adorable striped shirt. Not until this morning when I was pulling it on did I realize it is a maternity shirt. Damn.

Other than all of that, I am just dealing with working, getting jacked for my Minneapolis trip with Missy, getting jacked about planking and trying to deal with the fact that "Toby" is dating a 23 year old. (You remember Toby can read about him here and here.

What a douche.

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