Tuesday, October 8, 2013



I have to admit, when I first saw this link up floating around the blog universe, I thought I was gonna open some blogs and see some not-suitable-for-work images. When I finally got the nerve to open one of them to read them, I saw it wasn't exactly what I was thinking.

Rather than naked women taking selfies of their tatas, it was strong, beautiful women being brave enough to flaunt their stuff and brag about the miracle of their body.

And since I am a huge copy cat...here goes nothing.

Um. I cannot believe I am going to post this on my blog. 

That body has problems, yes. But it's also the body that has put up with binge drinking, eating disorders, nights of no sleep, binge excerise followed by near starvation...and it's stuck with me. I used to have a lot more pounds on that frame, and somehow my body still has enough energy to run miles and survive a Jillian Micheals workout. There's more pounds to lose. But I'll get there. 

I have a scar in my belly button, and a large one on my neck. I love them both. Both experiences taught me so much about what I can handle. I have poor eyesight that was fixed by surgery but I think it's going bad again. 

I have my dad's thick hair and Wilson features. I have my mom's ability to overthink and overanalyze every situation. 

So there you have it. I'm exposed. 

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