Friday, September 13, 2013

Word barf

Hi all. This is going to be one of those blog entries where I just spew out stuff. Buckle up for a good time.

I cannot get on board with the pumpkin flavored everything that comes back into our lives this time of year. I won't even try it. I assume I do not like pumpkin flavored things.

I love Simon Cowell. He was on Ellen this week, and he just speaks so matter of factly about him knocking up his best friend's girl. "These things happen," he says. I love it. It's true.

I will be wearing cowboy boots tonight.

I am nine miles away from hitting my goal (and Hannah's goal, and Nick's goal) of running 100 miles before we leave for the Bahamas.

In a few weeks I'm meeting up with girls from high school for a mini reunion night. I'm so excited, even though the messages have already started drudging up embarrassing memories of my past. I will dish out some of their more embarrassing stories too, don't you worry!

I am sick of not having health insurance, so I'm putting a stop to that starting Monday. I start a full time job! I'm so excited to have all the free surgeries I want. I'm gonna start with that laser eye surgery.

The extra skin around my stomach is really starting to give me issues. No amount of planking is gonna fix this shit. I may have to start running in Spanx. 

Okay, I have to go meet my mom for lunch. I will probably need intensive therapy after this.

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