Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fight on Glenwood, we're all behind you

Ah, Glenwood. No matter what, I love that town. I know every nook and cranny, every alley and the ins and outs of it. I love that when I tried to go for a run in town, I got stopped by three people I know, had to stop in and visit my cousins, and got interrupted by a woman who needed help finding her cat (and then ended up running to the Chinese place ((the best chinese place in the world)) and meeting my sisters for lunch anyway, so the run was immediately negated).

This is Glenwood's Homecoming week, so for several days now I've seen all the Facebook postings of kids all dressed up for Spirit Week. This weekend's posts will be from the parade, the football game, and of course coronation. Coronation in Glenwood is a huge effing deal. I still remember each dance and each dress. Including senior year, when my date ended up hating my guts by the end of the night and spent the rest of our senior year badmouthing me to everyone who would listen. He has since come out of the closet and seems to be very happy. I hope he has forgiven me for ditching him and dancing with my ex all night.

For me, Homecoming during high school was pretty innocent. I didn't drink back then, so I would usually go to lunch with my friends when school got out on Fridays and then go to the parade and then go to someone's house (usually Leslie's) to wait for the football game to start. The next day I would work at Kaiman's during the day, then head home to get ready for the dance and wait for my date to pick me up (or year was a girls year).

After high school, Homecomings got more interesting. Alcohol helped. I went back on the Friday of Homecoming every year forever, it felt like. I usually ended up at the Kegler in the middle of the day, and a few hours into my drinking party my dad would come down and take my car away from me.

The last Homecoming I went to was my ten year reunion four years ago. I am just too old now to deal. I'll leave that up to the kiddos. However, Glenwood - you better watch yourself next year. I'll be back. Even though I have this weird feeling I will end up spending the evening alone with my BFFSFG Zach at The Junction singing karaoke by ourselves (but how much freaking fun would that be?)

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