Sunday, September 22, 2013

A weekend

I've had an exhausting weekend, so that headline is as creative as I can get right now.

Friday night I saw Bret Michaels for the sixth time. It was the best one yet.

He grabbed my hand three times from the stage, which I think means we are married in some cultures. I hope he is okay with me cheating on him (but I am sure he has cheated on me already). 

Saturday my niece Sophie came and spent the night with me - we started our adventure by going to the theatre to watch The Wizard of Oz in 3D. 

I've seen this movie twice now in theatres during re-releases. The first time I just quietly watched, without speaking along with the dialogue and without singing along with the songs. However, Sophie told me right from the beginning "I'm going to sing along with the songs because I love them." So I figured what the heck. She also spoke most of the lines. It was awesome. I can't believe she is 4 and has the entire movie memorized!

When we got home we watched more movies and ate supper, then went for ice cream. It was a nice relaxing night. And she slept until 9:30a when her dad came to pick her up. Um easiest child ever to care for? I think so.

Today I wanted to finish my 100 mile challenge - technically I hit 100 miles earlier this week, but a glitch in my Nike app cause some miles not to count into the challenge. I really wanted the actual challenge to read 100 miles, so I went out to finish today. And I nailed it!

After that I hung out with Coop and Chan for awhile.

Then I met Janelle for dinner and now I am watching the Emmys and trying to get rid of a terrible headache.

And in case you guys were wondering, at this exact moment next Sunday I will be in the Bahamas. Hells yeah.


  1. Good seeing you at Bret...and love that 100 mile challenge! How long did that take that you are a runner now!

  2. We started it on July 29th. Our goal was to hit 100 miles before we leave for the Bahamas on Sept 29. Now I am thinking I need to set another goal - I found myself being more committed when I knew I was working towards something!