Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wow...doctors are smart.

So yesterday I was all gung ho to start my new lifestyle of taking care of myself, eating less and upping my workouts.

I did seven miles outside and it was MISERABLE. Like so so so bad.

I watched what I ate all day, so I could eat at Hooters with Missy before the Chicago show at Stir.

Then I got to Stir, thought I was fine, and then BOOM. I got that old familiar feeling, clammy and sweaty and like I was going to go down. I knew what I needed to do, and I backed myself into a corner at Stir, sat down and got Missy's attention to bring me some water. I sat there and Missy fanned me with a menu (have I ever mentioned what an amazing friend Missy is?) until I was okay.

This was SO disappointing. It had been over a year since I felt that way, and I thought the tumor in my neck was the reason I was passing out so often. So does this mean I have another tumor (that I can't ask a doctor about, because I still don't have health insurance?) or that it wasn't really the reason and I'm going to start passing out again?

When the doctor saw me last year about all this, he told me I needed to drink A LOT of water - nearly three liters a day - in order to avoid passing out. I mentally counted the amount of water I drank that maybe totaled 1.5 liters. Duh, Jen. And I probably lost that all during my 7 miles in 100 degree heat.

Okay. So I made it through the show, and I learned a lesson. Listen to my damn doctors. You can bet I will have a water bottle in my hand for the rest of my life.

Me and my personal fan - Missy has seen me turn white several times!

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