Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cry baby.

I have been 33 for over a week now, and there is one major change in my life I need to report on.

I am a big freaking cry baby now.

I don't know if I'm just crying because I'm middle aged now, or if I'm hitting early menopause, but everything makes me cry. Fo real. In the past week, these things have made me cry:

1. A boy isn't acting like I think he should on my birthday. I cry. He starts to come around, but still not like I think he should. Cry more.
2. A friend disappoints me. Cry. He doesn't get it. Cry more.
3. Finn is really romantic on Glee, and season three oddly foreshadows his untimely passing. Cry so many tears.
4. While driving, I sing Justin Timberlake's Mirrors song at full volume. Get teary eyed. Think about how it mirrors (you like what I did there) my life. Full on cry.
5. My sisters and I spend the day shopping. I love it. When they leave me, I think about how much I love them. Cry.

I am hoping this face leakage attack was also sparked by my period. Because seriously, I cannot deal with being this emotional all the time. I'm going to have to budget in Kleenex at this point.

P.S. I haven't cried since Saturday, so maybe I'm coming around.

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