Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True Blood

Okay y'all. True Blood is three weeks into their summer run.

I LOVE this show. Like LOVE IT. I think it might be my favorite show in the history of shows. But I am having some problems.

1. I hate knowing that Sookie and Bill will never be again. I know they haven't been a couple in a few seasons, but there was just something about their connection with each other, the way they cared for one another and knowing there was always a chance they might get back together that kept me happy. However, now with Bill being some vampire God with secret, undiscovered powers, it's truly over. Especially since he busted his way into Sookie's house and declared her "dead to him".

2. If Bill drains those four fairy girls, I will burn down HBO.

3. If I can't have Bill and Sookie's sexual tension, I need Eric and Sookie's. I thought we were getting there in the season premiere, but that hope quickly went away when she rescinded her invitation to her house.The only thing that bothers me about this match is that Eric is like two feet taller than Sookie, which is awkward. But that doesn't matter once they lay down.

4. I cannot deal with packmaster dickhead Alcide. Come on buddy. Just take your clothes off and be happy and help the vampers.

5. If anything happens to Jason Stackhouse, I will burn down my neighbors house.

6. I miss Luna. And I even miss Russell Edgington. 

7. But get this new fairy boy love interest for Sookie out of my life. Sookie is going to hook up with a vampire or a werewolf. Not one of her own.

I'm going to stop there, cause I could keep going all day and if you don't watch the show, this entry makes no sense to you. Even if these things are bothering me, I will continue to watch it. There are still so many things I LOVE. Like I love Eric this season. He is so passionate about saving the vampires, and the hotness between him and the governor's daughter is killing me. And I love Pam and Tara - seriously, I do. And I LOVE how Jason and Sookie have met their fairy grandfather and are calling him Grandpa.  And I LOVE having Anna Camp back as Steve Newlin's wife. I love her.

WAIT. I just remembered a main character is going to die this season. I'm just warning all y'all - if it is Jason, I will lose my shit.

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