Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Right now

I know I need to blog more. It's just hard to come up with entertaining topics to share with y'all. And of course, I am not coming up with anything now, either. So instead of trying to be creative, I'm just going to give you all a rundown of what is taking up so much of my time that I cannot even think of anything to write about.

- I am.  Obsessed. With GLEE. When Cory aka Finn died a few weeks back, I added Glee to my instant que on Netflix so I could pick a few Finn-centered episodes to watch. That has turned into me watching every single episode and I. Can't. Stop.

- Singing. Since I am watching Glee, I am singing the majority of the time I spent at home. Also, since the JayZ JT show in Chicago, I am obsessed with both of them. Did you know if you sing JT's Mirrors as loud and as passionately as you can while driving down the interstate, you can't help but tear up a little?

- Getting my hair as large as possible. I like my hair either stick straight or as loud and curly as possible. Lately I've been trying to find the perfect combination of mousse, gel, conditioner and humidity to make my hair look fantastic. So far I have not had luck and right now it looks like I was electrocuted this morning. But that's what pony tail holders are for.

- I need to find a job that allows me to have summers off. I know this isn't realistic, but come on. I want it.

- Getting as tan as possible. You know it.

- Running 100 miles. Ugh. This wasn't my idea. Me, Hannah and Nick are running 100 miles each before we leave for the Bahamas in 59 days. So far I have ran...9. This will be a long countdown.

- Not spending any money. I have decided to become a tight wad. Unless Coach has a good sale.

- Wearing red lipstick. Because, why not?

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