Monday, June 3, 2013

It's a love story

I have been asking my grandparents how they ended up together for several years. They always pretend they can't remember. Finally, when I had them trapped in a car for 1.5 hours the other day, they magically started remembering.

"Well, your grandma was about 12 when we met," Grandpa started.
"I was not 12. I was older than that," Grandma interrupted.
"Whatever. I was seeing her friend."

"Wait! You were dating her friend?" I interrupted this time.

"I wasn't dating her, we went out like three times."

"Well why did you break up with her?" I asked him.

"Because I was sick of her bullshit," he replied.

"He got mad because she went to the skating rink with another boy and held his hand," Grandma whispered to me.

"That is bullshit, I don't give a fuck who she skated with. Anyway, the old lady had been eying me for several years. She followed me around and finally got me." My grandpa is so romantic.

"Grandpa, you told me once that you always knew you liked Grandma best out of all the girls." I told him.

"You little bag, I never told you that."

Sigh. Romance.

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