Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Am I too single?

On Friday night I was staying in a hotel room with one of my best friends in the world. We turned the lights out at about 11:30p, and she passed out. I did not. I was up most of the night. I was uncomfortable, and then hot, and then cold, and then it was too light in the room, and then it was too noisy. And then it was morning.

She woke up, and we went downstairs to get our free breakfast. Then she left to do bridesmaid duties, and I promptly passed out and slept harder than a rock for two solid hours. Like drool and everything. I probably could have continued like that for several more hours, but I forced myself to get up and explore Northfield.

On Saturday night, after the wedding, I thought I was exhausted. But as soon as the lights went off, I was up again. I seriously didn't sleep at all that night, and as Toni was snoring peacefully in the next bed, my head went into overdrive.

Am I seriously so single that I can't even sleep if another person is in the room with me? I thought back to the last few times I have had company. Yep. I was up all night. Even if my company was sleeping on my couch in the living room and I was in my bedroom with the door shut, I didn't sleep. The little sleep I did get was sweaty and gross. Have I seriously lived alone for so long that I can't relax when another person is with me?

Sign 435 as to why I will always be single.

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