Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things I hate about being a girl

1. Having to, like, plan my outfits. I usually wake up like ten minutes before my alarm goes off, and I spend that time in bed trying to figure out what I'm going to wear and what shoes will go with it. Also, no matter what the temperature is outside, I will be the opposite of that at my desk. So I need to plan on layers to be removed for the winter, and layers to add in the summer. Don't tell me that guys do this, because I will not believe you.

2. I also have to plan what to do with my hair. Curly or straight? Bangs up or down? How did my sleep affect my style for the day? If I wear it straight, will I have that weird crease throughout my head from my pony tail last night? Do I need to dry shampoo it this morning? Does it smell like yesterday?

3. While the power and ability to bear children is awesome (although my body sucks at it), the responsibility sucks. I have to somehow remember to take a little pill every morning. If I mess up, my body rebels against me and starts bleeding, cramping and basically falling apart. I know there are other birth control options, but NO. Don't get me wrong...I will continue to do this because it's worth it. I don't to be pregnant. But damn.

4. And while we are on the subject, I am a complete psycho once a month. PMS never used to affect me this bad, but once I turned 32 everything went to shit. Seriously. I don't get it either. Now once a month I am hormonal, I cry, I get irrationally angry and I just need attention. All. The. Time.

5. I feel like I am torn between being completely dependent and independent. I have lived on my own for...nine years now, and at this point I can't even imagine splitting bills/depending on someone to help me live. I always will be able to take care of myself. However, I want a guy around to take out the trash and change my light bulbs.

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