Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The night my apartment blew up

Okay, so my apartment didn't actually blow up. But this is kinda weird.

When I walked out to my car Tuesday morning, I saw a penny on the ground next to my jeep. It wasn't heads up. I didn't pick it up, although in my head I was thinking I should. Grandpa Wilson always picked up change, so my family and I take loose change on the ground as a "sign" from him. However, work has been sucking so bad lately I didn't want to risk picking up a non-heads-up penny.

When I got home Tuesday night, the penny was still there. I took that as a sign that Gramps was trying to get my attention, so I picked it up this time. 

I walked into my apartment and found a note from my maintenance guy - he had come in during the day to fix my broken dishwasher, air conditioner and garbage disposal. His note said he couldn't fix anything and would be back the next day. Suckfest.

I changed my clothes and went out for a run. I was almost back to my apartment when my phone rang. It was my landlord, so I answered and she was kinda freaking out. 

"Jen! Where are you? There's been a fire. I mean, everything is fine, your stuff is fine. But your air conditioner blew up."

My ability to delay bad reactions kicked in, and I just asked "Wait, like there was a fire truck there?" 

She seemed weirded out that a question about a fire truck was my first question. "Yes, Jen there was two. Can you come here to talk to me? Where are you?"

I told her I would be there in a minute, and I ran as fast as I could to the office. Basically the air conditioner blew, but luckily the handy man was inside my building and heard it. He ran down and saved everything. 

Later that night, when I was sitting on my couch, I got to thinking. I'm fairly certain picking up my penny outside was Grandpa watching out for me. If I had been sitting in my apartment when that thing blew up, I would have cried big tears. I mean, if your apartment is going to blow up, the best way for it to happen is when you aren't even home, right?

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