Monday, May 20, 2013

Another weekend!

When I was explaining this blog to a friend, I told him "it's not like a blog where I just write about what I did over the weekend. I write like essays."

I'm such a liar.

Here's what I did this weekend.

I left work at 4:30p. I just couldn't do it anymore. I met Janelle for dinner at Jason's Deli (getting yet another person on board with my Jason's addiction - I love having a list of friends I can rotate through - at this rate, I will have someone to eat there with me every weekend!). Then we kinda wandered around some stores. I want to spend an obsene amount of time in a bookstore very soon. Or put my library card to good use. I can feel an extreme dorkfest is going to be happening very soon. After that, I went home and ran four miles. It actually wasn't bad. I only felt like I could die for a little bit.

Saturday: I got up and got my run out of the way. I ran straight down Q street, turned around and ran back. It SUCKED. SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED. I really wanted that route to work out, but it is not going to. So hilly. So busy. I have to run over the interstate which made me want to cry. Never again. After that, I went to the Apple store bc my iPhone camera just stopped working, and we all know that won't work out. I had to set an appointment with a genius a few hours later, so I ran to pop some tags while I waited. I scored some loot, then went back to Village Point to visit some Coaches and drink some coffee. When I met with my genius at Apple, he gave me a new iPhone! HOLLA. After that I went to another Goodwill (seriously addicted) and then to HyVee.

Sunday: I went with Nick and the boys to cheer Hannah on at her first half marathon. I want to run one so bad, I just have to work up the nerve. It was awesome. After that, I met Kate for lunch and then we went to Sewer City for Soph's birthday party. It rained like a bitch on the drive home, and of course my dad was on his motorcycle. Crazy old man.  When I got home, I watched the Billboard Music Awards, developed an unknown hate for Justin Bieber, and realized I am OLD AS SHIT.

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