Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I grow up...

You guys. You all know I work for a college and I do love this industry. I wish my job had a little more student contact, but I am sure I'll get to that. However, I've been thinking lately of what I really want to do with my life. These are the jobs I have had:

Kaiman's Supermarket in Glenwood: This is my favorite job I've ever had, obvi. All I did was play grab ass and drink Mt Dew. I was surrounded by the hottest boys and some really good girl friends. The longest day I ever had was on Saturday, when I had to work from one pm - nine pm. But when you are just playing grab ass all day, is that really working?

Buffet at Harrahs in Council Bluffs: This was one summer between semesters at BV. Basically I just let my friends cut in the buffet line and drank my face off the second I got off work. #healthy

Sugar Bowl in Storm Lake: This was like a Hallmark store in the town I where I went to college. I liked this job because I learned how to wrap presents and make bows, and I smelled candles every day. It also taught me really important things in life, like how to register for awesome wedding gifts and how to make really kick ass store displays.

Copy editor for the Omaha World Herald: This job was SOOOO boring. I worked for like six hours a day and this is what those hours consisted of: 2 hours of reading the paper/various other news websites. 1 hour for lunch. 1 hour total of walking back and forth to the bathroom. 1 hour of actual work. 1 hour of picking my split ends. I got nothing out of this job, except I got to wear jeans every day, so now I think any job where I can't wear jeans is bullshit.

Subway in Glenwood: Um. This was not a real job. I ate so much Subway and gave away approximately one million dollars in footlongs. 

Cashier for Harrahs: This is where shit got real. I worked overnights. I did ridiculous things. That's all I have to say about that.

VIP Coordinator for Bluffs Run: Holy crap. This is where shit got even more real. I was the youngest of four girls who worked the desk in the VIP lounge. That made me a target right there. My behavior didn't help. This is when I met Roy and Adam. And that's all I'll say about that. I did this job for six months, and then moved on to be...

Marketing Coordinator for Bluffs Run: This job was ridiculous fun. I worked for Jill. Thank God I met her. I ran promotions like they were my bitches. I did a good job. I worked a lot of hours, and I had a lot of fun. This was when I met Missy and Katie, and coming to work every day was like going to a really fun, all day party.

Marketing Supervisor for Horseshoe: Seriously, the good times just kept coming. I ran the best team ever. Everyone who reported to me was awesome and fun. And even though I got accused of sleeping with my employee (which I actually wasn't guilty of) (however, I had a reputation so I get it) (and he was really hot and I did hang out with him) (and as soon as he wasn't my employee I kinda wanted him). But then...

Sales Manager for Harrahs/Horseshoe: This was my biggest mistake at the casino. But I got greedy and wanted the manager title. My position was eliminated (with good reason) and I was kicked to the curb. However...I was miserable. I wanted to leave. I was applying for jobs. So really, I needed that kick.

Marketing Manager for Ameristar: This job came at the perfect time, after ten weeks of being unemployed. However, so did the exit six months later when I was laid off (take two). I hated everyone I worked with. I was miserable every single day. I stayed because of the money, but I was job searching again, and I saw my lay off coming. I had my office packed up already.

Sales Manager for Spencers: Kill me now. I hated everything about this job and lasted 90 days. Next...

Registrar for Kaplan: Confession - I actually did like this job. And I worked with my best friend every day. And I met Julie. And other cool people. And I got to deal with students every single day. Granted, 80% of them were pains in my ass, but it was still awesome. So awesome, in fact, that they decided to close the campus and kick me out again (take three).

Metro: And now I'm at Metro.

I have worked a lot of freaking jobs. Stay tuned for my next entry, when I try to figure out exactly what my dream job actually is.

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