Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Good, Bad and Ugly

I saw this on another girl's blog - just so you all know. I don't want you to think I'm that creative. But it was entertaining to read, and I want to do it too, damn it.

So I present to you...the good, bad and ugly of yours truly.

The Good:
1. I am crafty. And pretty creative.
2. I'm generally a pretty positive person. In the last five years I've suffered some pretty serious blows, but I have come out better in the end with a lot of life lessons learned.
3. I try really hard to let the important people in my life know just how important they are.
4. I realize my work history doesn't show it (three layoffs in five years), but I am actually really loyal and hardworking, and I am generally pretty good at my job.
5. My apartment is really clean. I am a pretty neat person and I'm well organized. 

The Bad:
1. I am a very picky eater. I don't let this hinder me from going out to eat with my friends, I can (usually) find something everywhere that I will eat. But I don't try new things (like bananas or seafood), and I will not, no matter how much you bully me.
2. Speaking of food, I get stuck on the same meal for weeks at a time. I mean every single day eating the exact same dinner. For weeks. This isn't a bad thing because I'm single, but I am assuming no man will ever let that fly.
3. I need complete dark to sleep. So much so that I now wear an eyemask. I also prefer complete silence.
4.  I'm pretty smart, but I often forget how to use my computer, or navigate my i products, and I cannot for the life of me make edits to my facebook page. I also can't change a tire, and nine times out of ten I can't even get the hood to my jeep open.
5. I get super obsessed with projects and it's all I can focus on for weeks at a time. Luckily right now my project is shredding my body, so it's a positive obsession. However, when it's planning an event, or helping someone plan an event, I tend to get borderline annoying.

The Ugly:
1. When I am sick and home for the day, I use a tshirt as a kleenex. Not one that I wear. Usually a free one I got from a charity walk or something. It's just easier than throwing tissues away all day long. Nick says this will be a deal breaker if a guy ever wants to marry me.
2.When I am shopping, I sing as I walk around the store. Sometimes I do little dance moves. It's embarrassing. But for some reason I don't care? I also finish singing whatever song is playing when I turn my car off and I am walking inside. I am sure my neighbors enjoy their nightly Taylor Swift tribute contest I exhibit for them.
3. I suck at doing dishes because wet food makes me dry heave. It's making me dry heave right now just at the thought of it. Omg. I have to stop thinking about it. At home I just rinse and throw things in the dishwasher before I have to real look at it, but at family holidays I have to deal with it. I know my sisters probably think I'm just lazy, but I seriously cannot handle it and it's getting worse as I get older for some reason. I have lost count of how many dishes I have thrown away because I can't handle the thought of washing them.
4.  I talk about my poop issues a lot.
5. I make fun of people. A lot. And it's mean. And it's usually to make people laugh or shock them. However...everything that I say is true.

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  1. Ha ha ha. I love the singing/dancing in the grocery store. I talk to myself. I'm sure people love that.

    I also will go for weeks of eating the same meals. Usually not the same one, but the same two or three. It's easy. Especially if I know the WW point value.