Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My best friend Leslie says...

Let's get real. Another thing that should have been on my guilty pleasures list is Miley Cyrus. I just love the spunky little mess. And I think the real reason I love her so much is because in one of her songs from years ago, she says "my best friend Leslie says oh she's just being Miley."

I have a best friend Leslie, too. So Miley and I are kinda connected.

Leslie and I aren't the type of best friends who talk every day, or see each other often. We were like that in high school. In fact, we spent more time together than apart. I was at her house all the time, sometimes even when she wasn't there. I walked in the front door without knocking, went into the deep freeze in the garage, and helped myself to their chicken nuggets. Her mom, Nancy, ordered from the Schwan's guy. We didn't do that at my house. I vowed to myself that when I grew up, I would be the type of mom who orders from the Schwans guy.

Leslie and I kinda knew each other, but our friendship really blossomed when we both got dumped. Matt dumped me, and Leslie and Joe broke up. We both had devoted an entire school year to those boys, so when the break up happened over the summer we were lonely and lost. One morning my phone rang. "Jen? This is Leslie Schmailzl. I heard you and Matt broke up. Joe and I broke up, too, and I have no friends, do you want to hang out?" We spent that afternoon driving by their houses.

Thank God she called that day. We became like sisters after that, and we were always together. Sometimes we would let another person in, like Leanna or Ashleigh, but usually it was just the two of us. We became members of each other's families. There were so many nights I would come home from work and find Leslie at the kitchen table with my dad. They were usually talking about their bowel movements or trying to set things on fire without my stepmom seeing them.

One night we drove around town trying to hit street signs with my big suburban so we could take them home with us. Another night we threw stuff off bridges. Sometimes we just laid on one of our trampolines, talking and trying to figure out our lives.

Our friendship was ridiculous and consuming, and we knew we needed to separate. We went to different colleges, after her mom told us that if we went to the same college we wouldn't meet anyone new, so it wasn't a good idea. I went to BV, she went to Central. Then she lived in Chicago while she went to chiropractor school. Now we are both back in Omaha.

We went to dinner last night. We don't talk every day, but somehow last night it was like no time had gone by. Our problems are different now, and we don't have the time (or the desire) to drive around and throw stuff off bridges. But I love her just the same.

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