Thursday, April 4, 2013

I stepped on the scale today

I hit a point in my weight loss journey a few months ago where I hated everything. I hated healthy living, I hated working out and I hated feeling judged all the time. However, I REALLY hated the scale.

That fucking bitch. Stupid scale. No matter how hard I worked, no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to move. So I decided to give up. I based my progress on how my clothes fit, and my measurements. I lost inches in my waist and my hips, but not my bust (thank GOD).

My clothes are getting loose again, so this morning I decided to step on the scale. I'm right where I was before Christmas, which is about three pounds up from my orginal loss of 90. That's 87. I'm not a math person, so yes, I had to think about that.

I am happy about that, although it's disappointing to not be at the 90 I hit right before the holidays.  But it's okay. I probably won't step on a scale again for another month. I am just so sick of this little square shaped machine dictating how my day will go.

In case any of you are wondering, I am currently using My Fitness Pal to track calories. I was back on Weight Watchers, but, to be honest, I got bored with counting points. I decided to track calories for awhile, and MFP is a great app. I am also running four days a week, and I use the Map My Run app for that. I love love LOVE this app. I use it when I go on walks as well, just so I can know how far I've gone. I'm pretty sure the "calories burned" counter is extremely inflated, but that's okay. Also, I have signed up for two 5Ks this spring. I have decided that I am going to run any race that anyone asks me to. So that's two so far. I really hope no one asks me to run a marathon, since I am just a yes-man now.

Other than that, I am really working hard on not taking bites or handfuls of random food items and not tracking it. Which is kinda hard when there are three candy jars within five feet of me at work. Yesterday, I sat here thinking about the pink and yellow starburst I saw in one of them. I thought about those starbursts for two hours. I tried to guess how many calories were in one of them. I guessed 8. Then I realized I have a computer and a smart phone at my fingertips, so I googled it.

14 freeeeaking calories for one starburst! No thanks.

However - I would just like to be completely honest. I go out to eat for lunch all the time. If you people were sitting at my desk, you would understand. If I don't leave my desk during the day I would go absolutely bananas. So I go to Jimmy Johns one day a week, and Taco Bell another. I try to bring my lunch the other three days. My JJ meal is nothing...550 calories. Taco bell is more...780....but that's okay because it's delicious and I'm not going to stop so just back off.

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