Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's April 17th and it's snowing like a bitch outside. I don't mean it's accumulating, or even sticking to the ground. I just mean that Mother Nature is being a huge see-you-next-tuesday and she's showing us all who is really in charge around here.

I'm pretty sure this weather is making me bi-polar. So far today, these are the things that have raced through my mind.

- I really want to buy a house. (This leads to Google, trying to figure out how you even start buying a house, trying to find a credit application online and starting the process.)
- Wait, that means I would have to buy a lawnmower. Never mind.
- I miss having a pet. I'm going to adopt a kitten.
- No kitten. I feel like they are more work. I'm going to adopt a really old cat on the verge of death.
- Wait, cats puke. Never mind.
- I'm going to take an Art class.
- No wait, a culinary class.
- Never mind. I hate school.
- I want water.
- No, I want Mountain Dew.
- No. Hot chocolate.

I also had a hard time deciding between a pencil, pen, green highlighter or pink highlighter, apparently.

I need spring.

1 comment:

  1. I do this a lot too. HA ha ha.

    And I'm SO over the weather.