Sunday, April 28, 2013

8:30a is too early to run

Ever since I started this running adventure, I have been a late afternoon/evening runner. I love this. I have never been a morning person ever (like EVER) and I never will be. I wish more than anything that was a trait I got from my dad - that man is up at the asscrack of dawn every morning. I instead inherited my mom's ability to sleep for 12 hours at a time. It's incredibly frustrating.

Anyway. This explains why the two times I have signed up for a run, I haven't been nervous for the actual run itself. I am only nervous about forcing myself to get out of bed that early.

So, yesterday when I had to be at the park to run for autism at 8:30a, I got there at 7:45a. For some reason, I forgot that I live in Omaha and am 15 minutes away from everything. I left my house an hour early. Whatever. It gave me time to people watch.

Then I ran, with my boss's daughter and her best friend. Yes, they are like 12. But I decided this year that I will not say no to any race/walk I am asked to participate in, so there I was.

I did ok. Not great. I got a killer cramp in the middle of mile 2 that didn't go away for the rest of the run. That sucks, FYI. I tried to not think about it, and instead think of why I was cramping up. Well. to begin with, I had rice kripsie treats for dinner the night before, nor did I drink enough water the day before. I skipped breakfast because I wasn't hungry, and I hadn't drank anything yet that day.

For a smart person, I am really stupid sometimes.

I didn't think I needed to "prepare" for this 5K, because I run a 5K at least four times a week. But I run in the evenings, after a full day of good eats and plenty of water. What an idiot I am.

Anywho. It was a great learning experience. And I think I look pretty skinny in this picture, besides the fact that I am two decades older than my running mates and I have no makeup on.

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