Thursday, March 7, 2013

This hurts my heart...

Okay. Y'all know that I love Bret Michaels. So I was very pumped that he was scheduled to compete in this season of Celebrity Apprentice. I was excited to spend Sunday nights with him, and was planning on working out from 7p-9p every Sunday because that's really the only time I fully focus on the television.

I was a little leery of this whole thing. All of the CA commericals were featuring that fucking loser Gary Busey, and I hadn't even seen a glimpse of Bret in the background. Sunday night was the premiere, but I was recording it (DVR-ing? I don't know the proper lingo here) because I was out all day with Missy and then at Maroon 5.

I didn't get home til midnight that night, so I went straight to bed. But something felt weird in my heart.

When I got up the next morning, I googled to see who got kicked off. My heart sunk.

It was my boo. Bret! What the hell!!

When I got home, I deleted the first episode off my DVR without watching it, and took it off my list for the rest of the season. I can't watch him get kicked off. This isn't new behavior, I have also been known to delete emails without reading them if I see who they are from and know it will piss me off. I also delete voicemails without listening to them and texts without reading them. I may have a problem facing things.

Anyway. I knew in my head I was being a huge baby, but I am SO PISSED Bret got kicked off first. The only good thing is maybe this means he will tour this summer and I can see his fine ass somewhere.

By Wednesday I was starting to get over it. Then I saw a tweet about how Bret had a complete meltdown after he got kicked off. Apparently (allegedly) he was crying and freaking out because he really thought he was going to win.

Um. Now I'm not sure I can handle this. Seriously? Come on Bret. We're better than this.

I am really hoping he was just super emotional because he now won't be able to win all that money for his charity. Actually, I'm just going to pretend that's the case, cause I can't deal with his ego being that big that there is any other reason for an emotional breakdown over losing a game.

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