Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting lost

Did every kid get lost at some point when they were growing up? When I am in public places now and I hear over the intercom that there is a lost kid, my heart breaks a little. I got lost once as a kid, and it's terrifying. So I get it, little lost nugget kid. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom, my grandma and I were at the K-Mart in Council Bluffs. I imagine at least one of my siblings was with us, but I was a loner on my adventure of getting lost, so I can't remember. Mom was off looking for something, and I was with Grandma. We were wondering through the womens' accessories area, and I found a red hat I wanted to try on. I grabbed it and went to look for a mirror. I decided I wanted it, and went to tell Gram that someone was buying it for me. But she was gone. And my little ass had a straight up panic attack. 

I walked around for what seemed like hours. In reality it couldn't have been more than five minutes, but oh my god. I walked miles around that store, sobbing and crying out for my long lost family to find me. Finally a store worker grabbed me and took me to page for my mom. I remember being hesitant to accept the woman's help, but finally I told her that my mom's name was Pam Woolson. I took speech as a kid. Shut up.

Finally I was reunited with my family. I'm sure I got yelled out. I also didn't get the red hat. But all I could do was bask in the glory of my reunion with the family I was sure had abandoned me. 

This this story why I am secretly glad K-marts are going bankrupt? Why I panic when I think I'm getting lost? Why my grandma panics when I walk away from her when I take her shopping? Did my quest for a red hat scar us both for life?

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