Saturday, March 30, 2013

Always learning...

This was a weird week. I got smacked around (not literally) for no good reason, so I spent a lot of the week thinking, evaluating and looking back. That was all in my personal life. My work life was another train wreck, although it didn't directly involve me. Somehow I am the second youngest person in the office (which is extremely weird for me, as I was one of the oldest at Kaplan) but I am one of the most mature. Mean girls never grow up, huh?

I have been quieter than usual this week, and I spent the week nights alone, going for runs and just being at home. What happened this week wasn't life changing (well...maybe), but I feel like I am different now.

1. I have never felt more single than I did this week. I ached for someone to talk to about what was happening, but I didn't have anyone. I am not sure if I will ever get married (I'm just not sure it's something I want to deal with) but at least, after this week, I know of ways to slow down and handle things as a single woman.

2. Thank God I am now a runner. What a great way to clear your head, and the feeling afterwards helps with any kind of brain clouding.

3. Friday Katie and I planned on going to church and then watching TV at my place. That slowly turned into happy hour. Normally I would have just said no to beers...and I'm a little surprised Katie even asked, because I have turned her down so many times in the past three years...but I went with it, and I loved it. Katie and I don't hang out without Missy often, so it was nice to bond and get a little tipsy. I have worried so much about the extra calories and the hangovers, but you know what? It's fine. And I wasn't hungover this morning at all, in fact I got up earlier than usual and ran!

4. I can do that lipstick trick Molly Ringwald does in The Breakfast Club. Not life changing at all, but good to know.

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