Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl weekend

Sorry I kinda disappeared on y'all. My weekend was busy and I don't even think I looked at my laptop once. Here is what I was doing:

Work all day, then I sat in traffic until after 6pm! I missed my training session and lost that credit. (At $1 per minute for my trainer, that's kind of annoying.) I did Jillian Michael's Last Chance Workout when I got home to make up for it, and I'm pretty sure that sadistic bitch kills me more than my actual trainer, anyway. My sister Kate met me for dinner after that (Jason's Deli, my favorite place on earth), and we went to Dicks and Scheels in search for a new warm coat/sweater/jacket for me to wear since I am freezing 98% of the time (the 2% of the time I'm not freezing seems to happen at about 3am when I am sweating bullets). After a quick trip to Target, we went our separate ways.

I got up and was determined to hit the gym hard, since I was eating pizza with Hannah, Nick and the boys later. I put on my new Bears long sleeved dry-fit thingy (with thumbholes!) and told myself I couldn't take it off til I had run at least 30 minutes. This is a game I play with myself. I wear long sleeves and run, and reward myself with taking it off at some predetermined point during my workout. It makes the rest of the workout feel like a breeze. I know - you don't want to get into my head. Anyway, I set the treadmill at an 11 minute mile and just decided to run until I die. 60 minutes later I hadn't died, but the treadmill stopped and went into cool down mode. And I hadn't even take my long sleeves off yet! I think I am ready for a marathon! (Wait...nope.)

After that I got a manicure (which is already ruined) I went to the Boone's and hung out with these two fools while their parents went to get their taxes done.

I cannot put into words how much I love these two little spooks. I hung out there the rest of the day.

Super Bowl!

Did I fool you? Does it seem like I care?

Nope, I didn't really. I like any game day, but I don't care about these teams (or the NFL as a whole, really). I did secretly want the 49ers to win, to appease an old friend who is going through a tough time.

I went down to Dad's first, for Super Bowl Party Day part one. They had so much food. Kate and I also were a bit confused on who was actually playing in the game.

I was freezing (go figure) but Addy and Gavin's blanket warmed me up a little.

After lunch and watching some Travel Channel, I headed to Katie's for Super Bowl Party Day part two. Again, we had so much food, but not enough for dear old Katie, who insisted on ice cream when the blackout happened.

She's in heels and sweats. She didn't think I would make her go into Dairy Queen. She also told me I can't post this picture to Facebook.

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