Monday, February 18, 2013

My new relationship

I began a new relationship this weekend.

I am 100% cheating on my iPhone with my new, bigger, prettier iPad. I freeeeeaking love it. I can't believe I have fought with myself about buying one for so long.

On Saturday Nicole, Kate and I went to lunch and then to Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy it. Since I knew exactly what I wanted, it took about five minutes to make the purchase and leave the store. We ran a bunch more errands, and it was about 6pm before I got home and took the beauty out of the box.

I didn't put it down til 12:30a.

I know right. What a loser. On Sunday I was determined not to spend the whole day on it. I went to church, then grocery shopping, then Missy's, then Walmart, and then I got home. I cleaned, did laundry and ate dinner. And then I finally broke the iPad out.

One of my new years resolutions was to stop my obsession with my iPhone, and I realize this isn't going to help. So if I can just limit myself to only using it after all my evening "chores" (workout, any cleaning that needs to be done, dinner and dishes) then I will feel okay about this new relationship.

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