Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting pounded by twelve inches

Apparently my Homaha is going to get a massive snow storm this week. Which means two things: 1. That little beaver/groundhog/porcipine character is a lying dick and 2. I am now obsessed with watching the weather online and asking as many people as possible if they really think it's going to snow. Because they know. Actually one of them used to be a weather guy, so I always ask him. And even though by "weather guy" it just means he stood in front of a green screen, read off a teleprompter and looked hot, I still take his word as gold. About the weather, anyway.

Since I work at a college, if the weather is bad enough to cancel classes, that means I get a snow day as well. I assume at this point I will either get one on Thursday or Friday of this week. They are calling for 8-12 inches, and yes, I can't stop saying "that's what she said" in my head everytime that is mentioned out loud. I also have been saying that we are going to get "pounded" by this storm. I'm a wee bit immature.

I really want a magical snow day out of this. My plan right now is to get something delicious (carb free, of course) to cook in my crockpot on said snow day. I plan on drinking coffee and cuddling under my electric blanket with my new lover (iPad). I will catch up on my DVR, paint my toenails and probably buy a lot of music of iTunes.

Of course, I live in Nebraska, so this snow storm fantasy could be gone when they change the forecast. Or Mother Nature could be a real c-u-next-tuesday and really POUND us, with dangerous winds and power outages. That would bite the big one, at least after my iPad dies.

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